No US intervention in Venezuela

The U.S. is orchestrating a coup in Venezuela that is likely to lead to bloodshed — even civil war. Instead of meddling the internal affairs of another country, the U.S. should be supporting peaceful dialogue facilitated by mediators such as Mexico, Uruguay, and the Pope. We have seen, and are seeing now at the U.S.-Mexico border, the effects of past U.S. backed coups in Latin America — Guatemala in 1953, Chile in 1973, Honduras in 2009. It always turns out disastrous for the people.

Senator Markley has introduced legislation making it clear to President Trump that without congressional authorization - authorization he does NOT have - he may not use military force in Venezuela. Representative David Cicilline has introduced similar legislation in the House

Send a message to your Senators and Representative telling them to cosponsor S.J.Res.11 in the Senate and H.R.1004 in the House to prevent Trump, Bolton, and Abrams from being able to send the U.S. military to intervene in Venezuela.

Dear Congress,

The U.S. has a long and sordid history of supporting coups in Latin America — Guatemala in 1953, Chile in 1973, Honduras in 2009 — and it always turned out disastrous for the people. It’s urgent that you not let the Trump administration send the U.S. military to intervene in Venezuela.

U.S. economic sanctions have devastated Venezuela’s economy, creating food and medicine shortages, widespread poverty, and mass migration. The people of Venezuela need sanctions to be lifted and dialogue between the Maduro government and the opposition to be facilitated — Mexico and Uruguay have offered to mediate, as has the Pope. A democratic process, not a coup, must be supported.

Please co-sponsor Senator Jeff Merkley and Representative David Cicilline’s legislation - S.J.Res.11 in the Senate and H.R.1004 in the House - making it clear to President Trump that without congressional authorization, military force may not be used in Venezuela. After becoming an original co-sponsor of the bills, please encourage revision of the bill’’s to include very important language on the harm being done to the Venezuelan people by the sanctions and the need for dialogue - facilitated by Mexico, Uruguay, and the Pope - to move forward to address this crisis, rather than the US coup strategy.

Thank you.


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Lasha Wells
joanne banks
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  • Lasha Wells
    signed 2019-03-16 16:12:17 -0400
  • joanne banks
    signed 2019-03-16 16:11:17 -0400
    Joanne Banks
  • Nancy Liela Nelson
    signed 2019-03-16 15:19:47 -0400
    This is a supremely important issue. PLEASE support Jeff Merkley’s Senate bill and David Cicilline’s House bill, both standing AGAINST military intervention in Venezuela.
  • Walter Ruehle
    signed 2019-03-16 15:16:09 -0400
  • S Karen Gabriel
    signed 2019-03-16 14:40:31 -0400
  • 🇨🇺MarxistOutlaw
    @MarxistOutlaw tweeted link to this page. 2019-03-16 14:27:49 -0400
    We have seen this before and it never works out well. Tell #Congress: support S.J.Res.11 in the Senate & H.R.1004 in the House - No #US #military intervention in #Venezuela. #HandsOffVenezuela #NoalgolpeenVenezuela Via @CODEPINK
  • Rossen Vassilev
    signed 2019-03-16 14:27:20 -0400
  • Brandyn Blatchford
    signed 2019-03-16 14:18:46 -0400
  • Mark Feldman
    signed 2019-03-16 14:05:48 -0400
  • Ellen E Barfield
    signed 2019-03-16 13:43:53 -0400
    Stay OUT of Venezuela! End the sanctions now!
  • Ryan Dell
    signed 2019-03-16 13:14:01 -0400
  • Edwin De Jesus
    signed 2019-03-16 13:05:42 -0400
    I’m against U.S. Military & covert CIA intervention in Venezuela’s affairs.
  • Steven Holzberg
    signed 2019-03-16 12:42:30 -0400
  • Cécile Mayer
    signed 2019-03-16 10:15:21 -0400
  • Ted Majdosz
    signed 2019-03-16 09:31:14 -0400
    Theodore Majdosz
  • Robin Rooney
    signed 2019-03-16 09:23:22 -0400
    No war in Venezuela! No US support of a coup! Diplomacy and Aid to the people of Venezuela! Love our neighbors and support their Democracy! Stop the medling for oil by US!!! Get rid of Abrrams! He’s a pure evil racist war mongering monster who should go back to jail!
  • Albert Strickland
    signed 2019-03-16 07:09:01 -0400
    Albert Strickland
  • Christine Gades-Silvio
    signed 2019-03-16 07:05:08 -0400
    Christine Gades-Silvio
  • Jill Turco
    signed 2019-03-16 03:34:51 -0400
  • Richard Chu
    signed 2019-03-16 03:22:56 -0400
  • Ruth Lefevre
    signed 2019-03-16 02:56:05 -0400
  • Ann Ewing
    signed 2019-03-16 02:15:49 -0400
  • Lily Benavides
    signed 2019-03-16 00:07:56 -0400
  • Marc Waters
    signed 2019-03-15 23:43:24 -0400
  • Terence Travis
    signed 2019-03-15 22:10:15 -0400
  • Danielle L Greene
    signed 2019-03-15 21:27:44 -0400
    No more unwanted U.S. interventions in Central or South America, or elsewhere. They do not promote peace or goodwill towards our country.
  • Francisco Issa
    signed 2019-03-15 20:40:10 -0400
    Not war in Venezuela no war anywere never more Venezuela is peace I Signe
  • Gregory O'Flaherty
    signed 2019-03-15 20:12:12 -0400
  • Constance Mancuso
    signed 2019-03-15 19:45:27 -0400
  • Donald Ritchey
    signed 2019-03-15 19:38:04 -0400
    Stop lying about Venezuela. We are on to you.

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