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Call for Solidarity Video Messages

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Call for Video Messages in Solidarity for the March 29th International Day of Action in Solidarity with Haiti

CODEPINK is joining organizations around the world March 29th for the International Day of Action in Solidarity with Haiti. We are calling for messages of solidarity with the Haitian people’s movement for democracy and self-determination. Videos should be 1 minute max.

Talking Points

  • For over a century, Haiti’s sovereignty has been obstructed. US occupation, military dictatorship backed by external actors, coup d’états, the international guardianship of the UN– all of this imposes a political and economic direction that is fundamentally against the interests of the Haitian people and favours external interests over national sovereignty. 
  • We stand in solidarity with our neighbors in Haiti, and we demand the United States, the OAS, and the Core Group reverse course, denounce Moise’s attempt to stay in power and to keep their hands off Haiti!
  • Let Haitian people decide! 
  • Hands off Haiti!

Best Practices for recording videos:

  • Don't shoot vertically. Place your cellphone to film horizontally and please make sure that portrait orientation lock is OFF.
  • Make sure that any background noise is minimized.
  • Use natural light when possible. Shooting close to a window will work great.
  • Remember to position yourself in front of the light (i.e. window, lamp, etc.).
  • Having the light coming from a window or a lamp behind you will deteriorate your image on camera.

Videos should be 1 minute max. Please send them to [email protected] 



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  • Mark Rolofson
    commented 2021-03-23 01:03:00 -0400
    The US needs to stop supporting the dictator (President select) Jovenel Moise, in Haiti who serves the wealthy at the expense of the people who live in poverty. Let the Haitian people finally govern their country. The morally bankrupt US empire needs to back off & stop creating banana republics that exploit countries for resources and cheap labor.