Greece to Turkey: Flotilla followup

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

We had a great press conference today on the flotilla. It was organized by the Turkish BDS group. They were very happy about it because they had wanted to do something to support this year's flotilla, but when the Mavi Marmara pulled out, they didn't have have any role to play. Putting on this press conference gave them a way to be involved.

About 10 news media showed up. They were all Turkish, from the left secular to Muslim to their wire service. A representative of the government security also showed up "for my protection." I have NO idea what any of these articles below say, but here are a few that have come out already. Since Hillary Clinton came to town today, it gave me a good "hook" to talk about US hypocrisy and complicity.

Tighe and I decided to fly to the Turkish/Syrian border tomorrow to see what the refugee situation is and perhaps go into Syria.

xx Medea

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