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Give Back to Native Americans at Thanksgiving



Join us in building a Makagi Oti, the Brown Earth Lodge at Cannon Ball on the Standing Rock were Jodie, Medea and friends will cook Wopila Feast for the Community.

After 500 years of genocide and betrayal, today Native Americans are leading us away from a path toward mankind’s extinction by fossil fuel addiction and toward a sustainable future for all of our grandchildren.

The Standing Rock Sioux, joined by tribes from throughout the Americas and beyond, are courageously standing up to corporate control and militarism to protect their land, water, and way of life. While doing so, they are demonstrating the values needed to move our country forward - cooperation, generosity, non-violence, forgiveness, love and respect for nature.

Let's give back to Native Americans this Thanksgiving season to show our gratitude and begin a new era in American history. Help build Makagi Oti, the Brown Earth Lodge at Cannon Ball on the Standing Rock.

The native community has plans to build a straw bale community center at Standing Rock - a four-season structure that will hold 80-100 people, and will provide a central gathering place for those camped at Standing Rock, and will include a mobile kitchen. Straw bale buildings are sustainable, affordable, future-proof and energy efficient, as well as eco-friendly providing effective insulation from natural, non-toxic materials. A temporary structure built this November will be converted to a permanent structure come spring. Plans are to finish the center by Thanksgiving when a delegation from around the country will bring Thanksgiving dinner to share with the native community as another expression of gratitude and appreciation. Groups planning the community center include Honor the Earth, Indigenous Environmental Network, and Intertribal Council On Utility Policy.

The budget for the center with kitchen is $75,000. Funds raised above that goal will go toward further winterizing the camp, such as building solar tiny houses. The group has designated Honor the Earth, led by Winona LaDuke, to receive the funds for the project.

  • To make your tax-deductible donation online, click here:
  • Or by mail please make your check out to: “Honor the Earth - Makagi Oti” and send it to: Honor the Earth, PO Box 63, Callaway MN 56521
  • If your online donation is larger than $2,000, please call Honor the Earth at (218) 375-3200.
  • You can also help by shipping much needed batteries and headlamps that will then be distributed to the camps by Jodie, Medea and friends at the Wopila Feast. Please ship to address: Guest, Jodie Evans arriving 11/23/16, Prairie Knight Casino Resort, 7932 Highway 24, Ft. Yates, ND 58538

Protect your Local Watershed The Sioux tribe at Standing Rock is an inspiration for all of us to protect our own watershed by supporting local efforts in our communities to stop pipelines and other infrastructure expansion by oil & gas companies that threaten our water. Native communities are often on the front lines of these struggles around the country. Please click here to find out how to support efforts in your own community to protect your water and fight climate change.
We must all be Protectors.