Cut the Pentagon, Endorse a Moral Budget

Take a look at the Poor People’s Campaign Moral Budget which calls for $350 billion in annual military spending cuts and add your name as an endorser. Once we get enough people to endorse, we can work with members of Congress to cut Pentagon spending and invest in the needs of the people.

I add my name as an endorser of The Poor People’s Campaign Moral Budget:

The United States has abundant resources for an economic revival that will move towards establishing a moral economy. Our nation’s current allocation of resources prioritizes fighting wars above all other sources of security, but true security does not mean engaging in wars. True security means living with dignity, earning a living wage, educating our children, living free from the effects of racism, and knowing that if we get sick or lose a job, there will be a system in place to help.

Specifically, the budget identifies:

  • We could save as much as $350 billion per year by cutting current Pentagon spending, which is used for fighting endless wars, maintaining a worldwide network of 800 military bases, stoking dangerous arms races, and subsidizing for-profit corporate contractors. Even with those cuts, which is about half the Pentagon’s budget, our military budget would still be larger than that of China, Russia, and Iran combined.
  • An estimated $886 billion in annual revenue from taxing corporations, Wall Street, and the wealthy;
    Billions more in savings from ending the militarization of immigration and mass incarceration by drastically reducing the $179 billion per year that our nation spends on policing, courts, and private prison operators.

The budget calls for investment in:

  • Democracy and Equal Protection under the Law
  • Domestic Tranquility
  • An Equitable Economy
  • Life and Health
  • Our Future
  • Our Planet
  • Peace and the Common Defense

Read the full Poor People’s Campaign Moral Budget with details here.


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