End ALL weapons sales to Saudi Arabia!


We are happy to announce that, late last week, the Obama administration announced its decision to block sales of cluster munitions to Saudi Arabia. Thank you for your help in reaching this victory. Now let’s take it a step further. Urge President Obama to end ALL weapons sales to Saudi Arabia by signing our petition to the White House.

Cluster bombs release hundreds of bomblets that indiscriminately kill civilians. Unexploded bomblets are often picked up by children, who are then seriously injured or killed. There is an international treaty banning the use of these horrific weapons — a treaty that neither Saudi Arabia nor the United States has signed.

Saudi Arabia has used cluster munitions as a part of its year-long assault on Yemen, which has resulted in the death of more than 6,000 people — at least half of them civilians. The Saudis have also used American-made F-15s and other munitions sold by American companies and approved by the State Department to engage in acts of war that have victimized Yemeni civilians, actions condemned by many as war crimes.

Now that the US government has realized the horrendous effects of the Saudi use of U.S. cluster bombs, it must act to prevent further death and destruction from other U.S. weapons. Join us in calling on President Obama to ban ALL weapons sales to Saudi Arabia.

In solidarity,
Alice, Alli, Ariel, Chelsea, Janet, Jodie, Jules, Marwa, Medea, Nancy, Rebecca, Sam and Tighe

P.S. Learn more about CODEPINK’s campaign to reevaluate the relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia at www.codepink.org/saudiarabia and pre-order CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin's forthcoming book Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the US-Saudi Connection at OR Books.

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