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Other Resources

Below is a list of resources and actions you can use to educate your community about lethal and surveillance drones. 


  • The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has been investigating the US secret wars in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Find data and articles on their website.
  • Know Drones provides drone replicas and educational materials to support citizen action to achieve an international ban on weaponized drones and surveillance drones.
  • Voices for Creative Nonviolence offers a number of drone warfare awareness and resistance resources including pamphlets and a guide to organizing a mock drone attack action.
  • The Local Civil Rights Restoration (LCRR) campaign protects the fundamental rights and liberties of law-abiding Americans to be free of arbitrary monitoring and surveillance.

Social Media

Books, Films and Plays


  • A Drone Field Guide
    Alexandra Gibb and Cameron Tulk (Canadian International Council) 5/31/12
    This report compiles information on the broad spectrum of current and future drone designs and capabilities.
  • Drone Wars Briefing: Examining the Threat of Unmanned Warfare
    Chris Cole (Drone Wars UK) 1/1/12
    This briefing explores some of the key issues arising from the growing use of armed unmanned drones. Examining current UK and US military drone operations, as well as looking at future developments and legal issues, the fully-referenced briefing will be of use to both those new to the issue as well as those with a long-term interest.
  • Protecting Privacy From Aerial Surveillance: Recommendations for Government Use of Drone Aircraft
    Jay Stanley and Catherine Crump (ACLU) 12/15/11
    This report outlines a set of protections that would help protect Americans’ privacy in the coming world of domestic drones. The report recommends that drones should not be deployed unless there are grounds to believe that they will collect evidence on a specific crime.


“The Drone Papers”

Leaked military documents revealing the truth behind the covert U.S Drone Program, the “Kill Chain” of Command, and military data documenting the high civilian casualty rates that top government and Pentagon officials have been publicly denying.