Don't be a passive bystander to Islamophobia

Sofia Ali-Khan, an American Muslim born and raised outlined some tangible action steps friends of the Muslim community can take. Here are a few we invite you to consider....

- If you see a Muslim or someone who might be identified as Muslim being harassed, stop, say something, intervene, and call for help. If you see people abusing authority, stand firm against profiling.

- If you ride public transportation, sit next to the hijabi (head scarf) woman and greet them. The fear of being in public for women in particular is increasing every day. A small act of kindness can have a transformative impact.

- Engage the Muslims in your life. Make sure you really feel comfortable standing for and with your Muslim friends, neighbors, coworkers. If you have a Muslim work colleague, check in. Tell them that the news is horrifying and you want them to know you're there for them. The concern and support I have received my colleagues is heart warming and reminds me of my place here in the US.

- If you have neighbors who are Muslim, keep an eye out for them. If you're walking your kids home from the bus stop, invite their kids to walk with you.

- Talk to your kids. They're picking up on the anti-Muslim message. Make sure they know how you feel and talk to them about what they can do when they see bullying or hear hate speech at school.

- Help fill the public space with positive messaging over the hate.  Write letters to the editors and be aware of your social media posts.

- Call your state and local representatives, let them know that you are concerned about hate speech against your Muslim friends and neighbors in politics and the media. Ask your representatives to be aware of new laws on visas and other issues that would create second class citizens.

- Out yourself as someone who rejects Islamophobia and discrimination of any kind.

-Call out hate speech when you hear it—if it incites hatred or violence against a specified group, call it out: in your living room, at work, with friends, in public. 

Fear is paralyzing. Terror is fear-inspiring. Let's stand up, stand tall, stand strong.
A note from CODEPINK: With the growing confusion and fear around Syrian refugees, growing Islamophobia, ISIL/Daesh we have created what we call a Pop Up for Peace. It is an opportunity to gather over a potluck meal and have a conscience conversation to dispel hate, negativity and answer questions in a safe space. Consider hosting one in your home & let us know your feedback. 


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