Diplomacy with North Korea & Iran!

The United Nations was created to stop the scourge of war. Right now, we have the sordid spectacle of the highest level UN meetings taking place with a US President and the US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, bringing us to the brink of war with North Korea and threatening to disrupt the Iran nuclear deal.

Petition to Ambassador Nikki Haley

Dear Ambassador Nikki Haley,

With these critical UN meetings taking place, now is not the time to threaten North Korea and Iran, but to be a real diplomat and take us away from the brink of war. The diplomatic options with North Korea have certainly NOT been exhausted. There is a call of a “freeze for a freeze,” where the US and South Korea would freeze their provocative military exercises in exchange for North Korea freezing its nuclear and missile tests. This is a negotiating position you should support. We also call on you to be an advocate within the Trump administration to uphold the nuclear agreement we have already signed with Iran.


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Marcia Lehman
James Hadstate Hadstate
Ulrike Koushan
Gil Leib
Linda Hayes
Jodi Selene
James Gillett
Thomas Carroll
Paula Cronin
Friend Mike
Roberta Medford
Robert Brown
Samantha Iyer
Lynn Lamoreux
Laura Tabili
Patrick Malone
S Stoneman
Carol Ahlum
Kathleen Iacona
Dia Souza
John Ross
Sam Dlugach
joanna Díaz
Vincent Joseph
Roger Brunfaut
Marcia Bernstein
Elise Rackmill
Claudia Bosshammer- Bilimek
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  • Marcia Lehman
    signed 2017-09-19 19:01:53 -0400
  • James Hadstate Hadstate
    signed via 2017-09-19 18:58:04 -0400
  • Ulrike Koushan
    signed 2017-09-19 18:57:37 -0400
  • Gil Leib
    signed 2017-09-19 18:56:18 -0400
  • Linda Hayes
    signed 2017-09-19 18:55:51 -0400
  • Jodi Selene
    signed 2017-09-19 18:45:39 -0400
    Do not stoop to the infantile tactics the president regularly uses! Please negotiate with diplomacy and respect. We DO NOT WANT A nuclear war!
  • James Gillett
    signed 2017-09-19 18:41:29 -0400
  • Thomas Carroll
    signed 2017-09-19 18:33:23 -0400
  • Paula Cronin
    signed 2017-09-19 18:32:36 -0400
    Diplomacy is the only sane answer to the madness. We must make an earnest attempt. There is no other choice.
  • Friend Mike
    signed 2017-09-19 18:20:36 -0400
    The UN was formed to be the world’s peacekeeper, through so many avenues — let’s not lose our focus on that prize. Please.
  • Roberta Medford
    signed 2017-09-19 18:12:55 -0400
    Iran is complying and we shouldn’t be the ones to violate the deal. And provoking a war against an unstable paper tiger like Kim is just uncalled for. You need to be the grownup in the Trump administration, please.
  • Robert Brown
    signed 2017-09-19 18:05:36 -0400
  • Samantha Iyer
    signed 2017-09-19 18:02:12 -0400
  • Lynn Lamoreux
    signed 2017-09-19 17:56:28 -0400
  • Laura Tabili
    signed 2017-09-19 17:52:04 -0400
  • Patrick Malone
    signed 2017-09-19 17:50:56 -0400
  • S Stoneman
    signed 2017-09-19 17:49:05 -0400
  • Carol Ahlum
    signed 2017-09-19 17:45:12 -0400
  • Kathleen Iacona
    signed 2017-09-19 17:44:47 -0400
  • Dia Souza
    signed 2017-09-19 17:44:02 -0400
  • John Ross
    signed 2017-09-19 17:32:52 -0400
    I do not know what N.Korea’s concerns are. Past experience dictates that this is because some one wants to go to war. ISIS the conglomerated local militias in Afganistan have us mired in conflict, Why not try some calm diplomacy instead of bluster and let us, whose kids and grand-kids would go and get maimed and die know why they want to change the status quo.
  • Mojgan Mirfatah
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-09-19 17:27:19 -0400
    Tell UN Amb @nikkihaley: Negotiate a peace treaty with #NorthKorea & uphold Iran nuclear deal. Be a real diplomat!
  • Mojgan Mirfatah
    @FotoohiMorgan tweeted link to this page. 2017-09-19 17:27:15 -0400
    Tell UN Amb @nikkihaley: Negotiate a peace treaty with #NorthKorea & uphold Iran nuclear deal. Be a real diplomat! http://www.codepink.org/diplomacy?recruiter_id=606775
  • Sam Dlugach
    signed via 2017-09-19 17:23:50 -0400
    Americans want to ratchet DOWN the war rhetoric! Diplomacy, not angry tweets!
  • joanna Díaz
    signed 2017-09-19 17:22:41 -0400
  • Vincent Joseph
    signed 2017-09-19 17:15:38 -0400
  • Roger Brunfaut
    signed 2017-09-19 17:12:53 -0400
  • Marcia Bernstein
    signed 2017-09-19 17:10:53 -0400
  • Elise Rackmill
    signed 2017-09-19 17:05:21 -0400
  • Claudia Bosshammer- Bilimek
    signed via 2017-09-19 17:04:32 -0400

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