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Lockheed Martin, a US-based weapons manufacturer and top contributor to the United States military bloat, has produced yet another tool for violence and destruction to be built and used on the taxpayers’ dime. The F-35 fighter jet will cost $1.4 trillion dollars when it’s complete - the same amount of money could otherwise afford a college education for everyone for the next 23 years. The Pentagon has already spent $400 billion on this machine, that will remain inoperable until at least 2019. This fighter jet is noted as the most technically advanced military plane in history, and yet, it has been plagued by software issues, delaying its’ release and further burdening taxpayers. Lockheed Martin, along with the rest of the weapons lobby, profit off violence and the continuation of US military intervention and we are here to disrupt this cycle of violence. 

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  1. Demand that Congress to take immediate action to halt funding for the F 35!



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AFSC's "F-35: A 1.5 Trillion Dollar Give Away"

Not in My Backyard: Vermonters Fight the Military over F-35

F-35: A Feminist Issue?

How to Disappear Money, Pentagon-Style


"Why did the U.S. spend almost $400 billion on a weapon we don’t use?" by Now This

Public Opinion on Defense Spending via Defense News



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