“If we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. When profit and property rights are considered more important than people… racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.” —Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

What are the values of the war economy? What is the culture that gives rise to the destruction and violence we see in the world?

We’ve created a resource for you to start identifying the different ways that the war economy culture shows up in your life, and ways to pivot to embodying a culture of peace in the here and now. Check it out, and share it with others!

Download 21 Days of Divesting from the War Economy (FREE PDF)

Our U.S./Western culture tells us that the natural world is to be pillaged and controlled by humans for our consumerist lifestyles. It tells us that we must all compete against each other - that there aren’t enough resources for everyone. It teaches us that our success lies in being independent, that accumulating money and possessions will make us happy, and that we should conform to the status quo.

This culture is what created our educational, political, and economic systems and it is deeply embedded into the worldviews, values and habits of all of us living within it. It’s so unconscious that a lot of us can’t even recognize it, or identify how it manifests in our own lives.

What we practice at a small scale is what reverberates to the largest. To transform the war economy and grow a peace economy, we must transform our culture, and to transform our culture, we must transform ourselves. As adrienne maree brown says, “this doesn’t mean to get lost in the self, but to see our own lives and work and relationships as a front line, a first place we can practice justice, liberation and alignment with each other and the planet.”

What would it look like if we put our attention to growing in our lives the beautiful culture we want to see in the world?



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  • Tiffany Young
    commented 2017-09-12 22:41:04 -0400
    This is the best practical guide to living according to true anarchist anti-war principles I have ever found. Thank you so much for all the links and the suggestions. Please keep up all that you do.
  • Joanne Loyland
    commented 2016-11-22 20:09:59 -0500
    Like you I want peace wars cause conflicts and violence. And they don’t solve anything. Like this last war. Brought mini civil wars. And a mass induction of migrants. Invading our way of life. And like many I lost someone in battle. When does it end?
  • John Pozzi
    followed this page 2015-09-21 18:39:28 -0400