Stop funding regime change in Cuba!

The U.S. has spent over a billion dollars trying to overthrow the Cuban government. That’s our tax money being used to violate international law!

Dear Secretary of State Antony Blinken,

The United States has spent well over a billion dollars in regime change efforts in Cuba. This is U.S. taxpayer money being used to punish a civilian population, churn up conflict, and engage our government in actions that are contrary to international law.

At a time when our nation is engaged in a serious debate about funding healthcare, education, green jobs and social service, it is mind-boggling that we continue to spend millions of dollars a year on outlandish programs aimed at overthrowing the Cuban government.

Why should our hard-earned money fund rappers in Cuba? Or a plane that tries to broadcast TV and radio into Cuba but gets its signal blocked? Or phony HIV prevention workshops designed to turn young Cubans against their government? Or a Twitter-like app designed to spur dissent? Or state-sponsored propaganda that nobody listens to? Or a plan to malign Cuban doctors fighting Covid-19 in dozens of countries overseas?

This wasted taxpayer money has created an entire industry, mainly in Miami, that is dependent on continuing U.S. aggression against Cuba. Enough is enough. We call on you to stop funding regime change in Cuba.



CC: USAID Administrator Samantha Power
NED President Carl Gershman
Rep. Greg Meeks, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair
Sen. Bob Menendez, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair
Rep. Barbara Lee, Chair House Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs
Sen. Chris Coons, Chair Senate Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs


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    Let Cuba Live!
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    The US government has to ask how has regime change worked for them in Syria, Libya, Haiti, Venezuela, Iraq, Afghanistan? Maybe the only regime change is required at home with leaders dedicated to true peace and justice. How about starting with treating indigenous and Americans of color properly before you attack the splinter in the eye of your neighbor.
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    have the power to reverse

    the outcome of elections in

    the U.S. with phony “recount”

    and “recall” scams; YOU




    Not without facing some

    unwanted and extremely

    inconvenient repercussions



    Remember us? YOU WILL.
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