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What do Young Cuban Women Have to Say

Listen to the Women "Actionar".

What is an Actionar? It's a webinar focused on taking action online. Hear from young Cuban women and what they have to say about Cuba. After that, we will lead one simple action that everyone takes together, followed by a debrief and a discussion about next steps.

During President Biden’s campaign, he promised he would move to undo Trump’s harmful sanctions and normalize relations. So far, he has done nothing but apply more sanctions! The Cuban people are suffering, especially during the pandemic. Join us in pressuring women leaders in the U.S to end the inhumane blockade on the island.

We will feature three guests:

Yadira Escobar:

Yadira Escobar is a young Cuban-born activist based in Florida .She is a political analyst for various news outlets. A free-lance journalist, radio producer and host, she is a frequent CNN commentator.
She ran for election to the U.S. House to represent Florida's 25th Congressional District. 

Liz Oliva Fernandez:

Liz Oliva Fernandez is a Cuban journalist and lead protagonist of Belly of the Beast's documentary series 'The War on Cuba'. Fernández and her work with Belly of the Beast provide an honest ground-level approach to the impacts of the U.S blockade on the people of Cuba. 

Watch the documentary series ’The War on Cuba’ on YouTube.

Sandra Soca Lozano:

Sandra is a Cuban graduate research associate pursuing a PhD in School Psychology. Sandra taught classes of Health Psychology and Family Psychology for 8 years at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Havana. She was also a People's Power delegate in Cuba from 2013 to 2016. She recently joined the pilgrimage from Miami to Washington, DC to end the US blockade on Cuba. 






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