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CODEPINK CONGRESS Action Alert: Divest from the War Machine!

Tell Congress: Divest from the War Machine!

Did you know that many congresspeople accept huge campaign donations from the top five military contractors? These donations can influence representatives’ decisions, and the best interests of our country and your community may not be prioritzed as a result. CODEPINK’s Divest from the War Machine campaign is working to divest Congress and invest in people! 

Download the pledge form and send it to your Congress person's office for them to sign. Then email them using our form below!

Below is the list of congresspeople who have signed the CODEPINK pledge to divest from war:

  • Yvette Clarke, NY, District 9
  • Bonnie Watson Coleman, NJ, District 12
  • Jim McGovern, MA, District 2
  • Tulsi Gabbard, HI, District 2
  • Raul Grijalva, AZ, District 3
  • Pramila Jayapal, WA, District 7
  • Ro Khanna, CA, District 17
  • Barbara Lee, CA, District 13
  • Eleanor Holmes Norton, DC, At-large
  • Jan Schakowsky, IL, District 9
  • Maxine Waters, CA, District 43
  • Nydia Velazquez, NY, District 7

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  • George Bason
    followed this page 2021-02-12 17:02:31 -0500
  • Neal Devine
    commented 2021-02-12 16:16:34 -0500
    Fantastic News! Code Pink this his heroic!! But where is Bernie? AOC? etc.?

    I have committed to only supporting groups that make the essential link between ANY and ALL our pressing problems and the “elephant in the room” military budget. Code Pink you have my money AND my time!

    Thank you, and read on if you want to hear more of my views on the issue and what I write standardly to progressive causes that ask for my support:
    Dear progressive cause _____________ please do not ask for my ear, my input, donations or signature for any of your initiatives or campaigns WITHOUT, IN THE SAME BREATH, COMBINING IT WITH AN ALLIED CAMPAIGN TO REDUCE THE MILITARY BUDGET.

    Where do you think the trillions are going to come from – keep running up the debt? And now, because of Covid, ratcheting up the debt and impoverishment of future generations? All campaigns and initiatives – Covid funding, health care, infrastructure, climate change, education, etc etc have to simultaneously say where the funds will come from – even if you have to be honest and say: increasing the debt of our children and their children…. For ex., the “Green New Deal start up costs necessitate this % reduction in military budget” (or reduction of other wasteful expenditures like big ag, pharma, fossil fuel, and other corporate subsidization).

    Every single progressive interest group should have as their #1 priority, reducing the military budget, then their pet issue should follow. It is one thing every group and nearly every American can agree on. We are all at each others throats, fighting over the crumbs left after military spending, and thus politically and culturally polarized and paralyzed. The reason we have such pressing problems financial problems, a miserable relationship with the rest of the world, a fanatic gun culture, etc., is, THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOMTHE MILITARY BUDGET STUPID!!!!

    Asking for more money for Covid or anything else when it just is going to run up the (primarily military-induced) debt, means our kids will be suffering the rest of their lives from the dislocations of Covid – not just now. You are kicking the can down the street, unconsciously asking for more of the tax dollars that don’t exist, and absolutely out of integrity. I guess its the easy way to solve a problem – just push the cost off to future generations – that makes you feel good I guess – but the moral, much harder thing to do is slay the malignant elephant. Not one Republican, and, much more distressing, only a handful of democrats, will take action about the military spending as the military industrial complex is woven throughout the 50 states and interests with so many other corporate entities and it is a death knell for congressperson to not against, with the few radical left exceptions.

    While, for instance, climate change may have the allure, sensation of most important issue, solving it, as well as all the problems in the US and world, necessitate a vast reduction in the US military to fund them – and of course reduction in military will itself help reduce tensions, problems and costs worldwide. If you make the issue of military spending inseparable to all of your movements issues, I will be your avid, faithful supporter with my money and time.