CODEPINK Organizing Protest Outside of Republican Debate in Support of Iran Nuclear Deal

CODEPINK Press Release August 6, 2015

Contact: Toni Ann Rozsahegyi, CODEPINK Cleveland Organizer, 216-406-3070,

Alli McCracken, CODEPINK National Coordinator, 860 575

Where: Corner of Huron and East 4th Street, Outside Quicken Loans Arena

When: Thursday, August 6th at 6 PM

Cleveland, Ohio –– Activists from the peace group CODEPINK will join with protesters outside of the first presidential Republican debate tonight in Cleveland, Ohio to show public support for the Iran nuclear deal, which all of the Republican candidates have voiced opposition to.

“I’ll be outside of the Republican debate protesting tonight because the Obama administration is trying to push through a historic nuclear deal with Iran to prevent another war, and so far all of the Republican presidential candidates have been vocal opponents of the deal,” said CODEPINK Cleveland organizer Toni Ann Rozsahegyi. “It shows how the candidates are more concerned about listening to wealthy lobby groups like AIPAC than supporting the real needs of their constituents."

CODEPINK activists across the country strongly support this historic deal negotiated by the Obama administration in order to prevent the United States from engaging in another senseless and costly war. Activists will be available for interview outside of the debate (please contact Toni).


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