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China Is Not Our Enemy: Good Treaties Make For Good Neighbors

CODEPINK’s co-founder, Jodie Evans, will be joined by Jan Weinberg, the founder of the Show Up! America, on this webinar for China Is Not Our Enemy

Related to the Indo-Asia Pacific region Jan’s research exposes the consequences related to the projection-of-power militarization aspects of the 2012 Pivot to Asia policies & practices which were designed to export American values and maintain U.S. hegemonic interests while containing a rising China.

Jan will be talking about this research, as well as much more, and emphasize why it is important, now more than ever, to dismantle the aggression and hate towards China. Join us for a thought provoking and relational conversation by RSVPing to receive the Zoom link or watching live on our Youtube

For more information or to watch our other webinars on building bridges of peace with China, visit China Is Not Our Enemy

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