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Flipping the Perspective - A Look at the US from Asia

Join CODEPINK’s Jodie Evans, Cale Holmes and the China is Not our Enemy Campaign as we host John Pang for a discussion on the American experience from one of many Asian perspectives.

John Pang has been a policy and strategy advisor in government and business across East Asia for two decades. He has held senior fellowships at Columbia University, NYU Stern and the Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore, where helped start the Center for Multilateralism Studies. As director of a leading investment bank in Southeast Asia, he founded a research institute and later a council of business leaders to support regional economic integration. He is a former official in the Malaysian government.  He was educated at the London School of Economics and Stanford University.  He is interested in framing the political theology of international relations discourse, especially as it applies to China, East Asia and the question of world order.

Jodie Evans (co-host) is the co-founder of CODEPINK and the after-school writing program 826LA, and serves on the CODEPINK Board of Directors.  She has been a visionary advocate for peace for several decades. An inspired motivator, Jodie invigorates nascent activists and re-invigorates seasoned activists through her ever-evolving, always exciting methods to promote peace.  Whether in board rooms or war zones, legislative offices or neighborhood streets, Jodie’s enthusiasm for a world at peace infuses conciliation, optimism and activism wherever she goes.

Cale Holmes (co-host) is CODEPINK's China Is Not Our Enemy campaign coordinator. An international relations analyst and writer, he has lived and worked in Beijing. While in China, he worked for multiple news agencies and volunteered with groups promoting climate awareness. Cale has participated in a variety of social movements, including housing justice efforts, opposition to AFRICOM, and the Korea peace movement.

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