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Tell Congressman Carbajal: Support a Ceasefire in Ukraine! Rally and March

Join CODEPINK and the Central Coast Anti-War Coalition to Tell Congressman Carbajal: Support a Ceasefire in Ukraine!

Meet us in De La Guerra plaza for chants, signs, etc., and then walk to the sidewalk in front of Congressman Carbajal’s new office at 125 East De La Guerra (between Anacapa and Santa Barbara streets) Join us as we deliver petitions to the Congressman’s office and demand an end to this madness.

If you can, bring signs, such as: Ceasefire in Ukraine; Negotiate, Do Not Escalate in Ukraine; Prevent Nuclear War–STOP the weapons; START the talks; Diplomacy Now to End the War in Ukraine; Say NO to WWIII and YES to Peace; Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

Our Demands

We need Congressman Carbajal to issue a public statement in support of a ceasefire and diplomacy, refuse campaign contributions from bomb makers, and pledge to vote against sending more weapons to Ukraine to fight a war that cannot be resolved on the battlefield. In addition, we need him to oppose nuclear rearmament & say NO to nukes.


One year after Russia invaded Ukraine, the US and NATO continue to escalate the war with sophisticated weapons and military training of Ukrainian troops on US soil. With the US running out of ammunition to send to Ukraine, the next step could be sending US troops. While President Biden bemoans the need for an exit strategy for Russian leader Vladamir Putin, there is little evidence of US diplomatic efforts. Instead, Congress–including Congressman Carbajal–votes for over $100 billion for the war in Ukraine, with roughly half that money filling the coffers of military contractors in a giant money laundering scheme.

Join us next Friday, Feb. 24, the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine to say NO to War and Yes to Peace.

Please share this rally call to action and email [email protected] if you would like to be added (if you're not already a member) to our Central Coast Anti-War Coalition Google group.




De La Guerra Plaza
8 E De La Guerra St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, United States,

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