Call-Out for Peer Advocates to Address Sexual Violence During the RNC [via RNC Welcoming Committee]

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

This is a call-out for folks interested in volunteering for a 24-hour advocacy/support phone line and/or wellness space during the Republican National Convention. The phone line will be available August 25 –September 5, and we will be staffing the North Star Wellness Center September 1 – September 5. Previous experience and/or trainings are a bonus though not required, as trainings are being offered. Folks working in the wellness center will be required to be trained in Psychological 1st Aid, offered by North Star Health Collective (dates below). Folks with no previous experience in working with sexual violence survivors are also required to attend one of the upcoming group trainings (dates below).

We are a group of Twin Cities folks that organized due to the urgency of the upcoming RNC. Currently our immediate goals focus on providing support and awareness regarding sexual violence at the RNC. We are committed to long-term educational, accountability, and support work within our home communities with the goal of transforming rape culture, in part by
creating more empowering options for those affected by sexual violence.

We will be providing support and advocacy to survivors and others during the RNC, as well as working with community-based accountability models to the extent of our capacity.

If you are interested in being a peer advocate, getting involved with the group, or providing other resources during the RNC (such as transportation), please contact Cody at 612-827-3430 or Courtney at 218-316-0728.

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