Tell BGR Group to Drop the National Council of Resistance of Iran!

 BGR Group was hired by the National Council of Resistance of Iran to help sabotage the renegotiation of the Iran nuclear deal! Tell BGR to drop NCRI!

Dear BGR Group and Bob Wood,

We, the undersigned, are demanding that your firm drop the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) as a client. This organization, with your help, is working to sabotage the renegotiation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which would promote diplomatic relations between the US and Iran and lead toward a lasting path of peace. 

BGR is currently working for NCRI helping them promote their summit happening in mid-July. According to NCRI’s own material, the summit will “show how Iranian activists and the international community can push the Iranian regime closer to the brink of overthrow” instead of working toward a revival of the JCPOA.

BGR Group is taking $40,000 for only a one-month contract with NCRI, but the contract has the option to be expanded. We encourage BGR Group to reconsider and drop the NCRI as a client because it is actively working towards the overthrow of the leaders of a sovereign nation as well as destabilizing peace efforts between the United States and Iran. 

The reinstatement of the JCPOA is of high priority not just for Iran, but for the entire world. Lowering tensions and focusing on diplomacy is the only road to peace, not bolstering the image of a group such as NCRI, which is throwing a wrench in peace talks. 

We demand that BGR drop NCRI and not extend the contract. 


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