Associated Press: Correct Your Headline


On Monday September 4, 2017 human rights defender Issa Amro was arrested by the Palestinian Authority for a Facebook post. Issa's post criticized the PA for their arrest of journalist Ayman Qawasmi and defended freedom of press as a fundamental right. 

The Associated Press Jerusalem desk released a report of the story with an INCORRECT HEADLINE. It stated Issa had called for President Mahmoud Abbas to resign. Ayman Qawasmi, the journalist Issa had written about had stated Abbas should resign. Issa had not.

Call and tweet at the the Associated Press. Tell them their headline about Issa Amro's arrest is incorrect. Tell them to issue a correction.   

Call Associated Press in DC(202) 641-9000

Tweet: Hey @AP your headline of Issa Amro's arrest is incorrect. Fix the article and read the real story here.


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  • David Mivasair
    commented 2017-09-05 00:21:59 -0400
    I just read the Google translation of Issa’s FB post and there is nothing in there calling on Abbas to resign. So, AP is wrong — and so is +972. It would be worth communicating that to +972 writer Michael Omer-Man. I’ll try to do that and hope you will too, especially since you refer to his article as proof that AP is wrong, but his article says the same thing.

    I’ve pasted Issa’s post and the Google translation here:

    في صحفية عم تتهدد من عناصر اجهزة امنية على خلفية نشرها لخبر اعتقال ايمن القواسمي ، يا ريت من كل صحفية البلد ينشروا الخبر لانه صحيح مئة بالمئة وليس اشاعة ، وثانيا : يا ريت الي بيتهدد يحكي معاي عشان نشكي الي بيهددوا للاوروبيين ونوثق كل الانتهاكات الخارجة عن القانون .
    مش كل واحد يعمل قانون ويعمل نفسه دولة ، القانون واضح ولا يقبل التأويل ، وعلى الجميع احترامه .
    في صحفي معتقل اسمه ايمن القواسمي ، وفي قضاء ، وفي مجتمع مدني ونقابة صحفين ونشطاء رح يوقفوا معه ، رجل الامن بينفذ القوانين والانظمة مش بيتحداها وبيتجاوزها .
    الحرية لايمن القواسمي
    In a journalist who is threatening the elements of security devices against the background of the arrest, I wish from every journalist in the country to publish the news because it is true % and not a rumor, and secondly, I wish to tell you the criteria for complain to threatening To the Europeans and to document all violations of the law.
    Not every one acts a law and acts as a state, the law is clear and does not accept interpretation, and everyone must respect it.
    In a detained journalist named Ayman Qawasmi, and in a civil society, a press union and activists who will be stopped with him, the security man executes laws and regulations will not stop her and gerhardy her.
    Freedom for any of
  • David Mivasair
    commented 2017-09-05 00:14:09 -0400
    I’m confused. The 972 article, first paragraph, second sentence says: The arrest was reportedly related to a Facebook post published by Amro, in which he criticized the Palestinian Authority for arresting a journalist a day earlier and cal972 report is wrong too. Someone who can read Arabic can just look on Issa’s FB page and answer this question easily..

    So, why is the AP headline wrong? If it’s wrong, then the I actually don’t get what you’re saying.