Send Ahed Tamimi Love and Solidarity on Her Birthday!

The latest news about Ahed Tamimi's detention by Israel is horrific. Israel is refusing to release her on bail pending trial. Not only this, but the court proceedings against her will begin on January 31, the day of her 17th birthday. Rather than celebrating with family and friends, eating cake, and having a party, Ahed will spend her birthday in a military courtroom. She will sleep that night in a prison cell.

Sign the birthday card to Ahed and write a personal message of love and support. We will have the card and your messages delivered to Ahed in prison.

You can also download, print and post this card to: Ahed Tamimi, HaSharon Prison, Even Yehuda, P.O. Box 7, 40 330 Israel.

Dear Ahed,

We are sending love and solidarity to you on your 17th birthday.

Most teenage girls mark their 17th year with friends and family, parties and celebrations. But the occupation has snatched this right of passage away from you by arresting you in your own home in the middle of the night and holding you in military detention.

Now you face a military court trial on your special day.

We send love and support to you today and every day. We are inspired by your courage in the face of injustice. As you spend your 17th birthday behind bars, we will carry on your struggle for freedom.


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John Miranda
Aloa Shalabi
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Hal Musazlioglu
steve maddoo
Mark King
S. Perry
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bernadette Vial
Lois Jordan
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Ann Marie Saidy
James Anderson
Maureen OConnor
William Nusbaum
Penelope Lichtenecker
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  • J. Glenn Evans
    signed 2018-02-02 02:56:39 -0500
    Happy birthday, Ahed. One thing they cannot kill is our spirit. Our hearts and love are with you

    J. Glenn Evans

    Poet, Novelist and Political Activist.
  • John Miranda
    signed 2018-02-02 02:07:07 -0500
    Happy 17th Birthday, Ahed! We share the same age. I admire your activism and your fearlessness in the face of oppression and invasion. Don’t let this be a step back for your ignition. Palestine power.
  • Aloa Shalabi
    signed 2018-02-01 23:32:56 -0500
    Kol 3am w ebti b 2”f 5air ya batlet palestine 😘😘😘
  • bahar badi'e
    signed 2018-02-01 22:35:30 -0500
    Thank you for your Godblessing strength and deepest honor for u and your integrity to stand up against these sick sick sick NON-people, beautiful soul !!

    Please ALWAYS DO Keep the faith in your sacred heart and mind and know that Holy ONE God Spirit WILL PROTECT you if they try to hurt you in there in ANY WAY, ????

    Many many heartfelt prayers for Peace n justice PREVAIL sooner than later in life for you, your family, Palestine, the planet earth and all her beautiful children young and old from this sick abuse once and forever .

    Peace and kindness bless you always sister Ahed, May God’s loving miracles within and out never leave your side .
  • Najwa Said
    signed 2018-02-01 22:33:56 -0500
  • Hal Musazlioglu
    signed 2018-02-01 21:05:29 -0500
    Stay strong and know there are thousands in solidarity with you! xxx
  • steve maddoo
    signed 2018-02-01 19:41:10 -0500
    Hello Ahed, many many people love you very much Happy Birthday to you, we all hope you will be free very soon god bless you Ahed you are very brave !!
  • Mark King
    signed 2018-02-01 18:53:49 -0500
    Stay strong, Ahed.
  • S. Perry
    signed 2018-02-01 18:39:45 -0500
  • Rick Stevens
    signed 2018-02-01 18:31:00 -0500
    Happy 17th Birthday Ahed…………….May you see freedom soon. God willing
  • bernadette Vial
    signed 2018-02-01 17:58:36 -0500
    courage !
  • Lois Jordan
    signed 2018-02-01 17:56:42 -0500
  • Piero Maldini
    signed 2018-02-01 17:31:08 -0500
    Dear Ahed Tamimi, you are my younger sister and you a hero palestinian sister. I am deaf mute and use british sign language. I hope you will realease one day.
  • Ann Marie Saidy
    signed 2018-02-01 17:14:26 -0500
    Dear Ahed,

    You are a wonderful person even with your small amount of years. We are with you and send love and support. Whatever there is to do to better your situation, we will do it.

    Love from far away in Costa Rica,

    Ann Marie
  • James Anderson
    signed 2018-02-01 17:11:21 -0500
    Ahed, thank you so much for your inspiration in standing up to a cruel enemy of common decency, the Israeli govermernment, and the people who support its inhumane actions. Hopefully your bravery and caring will some day be rewarded. Best Wishes.
  • Maureen OConnor
    signed 2018-02-01 17:04:37 -0500
  • William Nusbaum
    signed 2018-02-01 16:10:02 -0500
    It is SO ABSURD to say that you are a terrorist for what you did!
  • Penelope Lichtenecker
    signed 2018-02-01 16:07:23 -0500
    Penelope Lichtenecker May you grow in strength and courage and soon be out of prison.
  • Beh Saa
    signed 2018-02-01 15:55:03 -0500
    Ahed, you are a brave hero for standing up against the illigitimate Zionist and terrorist Israeli regime. Defending your homeland againt this apartheide and fascist regime is your Natural Right and does not require anyone’s permission. Stay strong as you are indeed.
  • Daniel Honar
    signed 2018-02-01 15:09:42 -0500
    Hi Ahed, I feel you are my big sister, you’re so cool and unique. It is my dream to meet you. I hope I will one day. Happy Birthday!.
  • ian Stewart
    signed 2018-02-01 14:46:57 -0500
    You are an example for all of us.Stay strong and never give up.
  • Jean Rodgers
    signed 2018-02-01 14:21:35 -0500
  • Marie-Claire Couturiaux
    posted about this on Facebook 2018-02-01 14:17:14 -0500
    Send #Ahed Tamimi a message of love & solidarity while she faces trial on her #birthday, Jan 31 #FreeAhed @codepink
  • Marie-Claire Couturiaux
    @JasmineChat1 tweeted link to this page. 2018-02-01 14:17:10 -0500
    Send #Ahed Tamimi a message of love & solidarity while she faces trial on her #birthday, Jan 31 #FreeAhed @codepink
  • Marie-Claire Couturiaux
    signed 2018-02-01 14:15:38 -0500
    Très chère Ahed, je te souhaite le meilleur pour tes dix-sept ans et la liberté très vite. J’admire ton courage, je me joins à tous tes amis et aux associations qui se battent pour te libérer. Je t’embrasse tendrement petite fille
  • Andy Ives
    signed 2018-02-01 14:03:33 -0500
    We at Hastings PSC support you

  • Karen Vincent-Jones
    signed 2018-02-01 13:35:49 -0500
    Dear Ahed, it was my birthday on 27th January, and the birthday of my niece Lauren on 30th January. We were both able to celebrate our birthdays at home with our loved ones. I am so sorry that you could not do the same. You are a very brave young woman.
  • Charles Olivero
    signed 2018-02-01 13:33:50 -0500
    Happy birthday Ahed !!
  • Sara Laginder
    signed 2018-02-01 13:32:19 -0500
    I salute you and your courage on your birthday. If more people were just like you our world be a much better place. Wishing you a great year ahead; free and may your year be filled with happiness and love.
  • Maryanne deGoede
    signed 2018-02-01 13:15:58 -0500
    The karma the Israelis are creating is not good. Be assured that justice will be served ultimately. Get closer to God(dess) during this time. Stay strong. You have to do what is right no matter the consequences. May they free you from the jail. You free yourself from any hatred.

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