wisemen_crop.jpgWhat is CODEPINK?

CODEPINK is a women-led grassroots organization working to end U.S. wars and militarism, support peace and human rights initiatives, and redirect our tax dollars into healthcare, education, green jobs and other life-affirming programs. Join us!

What we do

Founded in fall 2002 as a grassroots effort to prevent the US war on Iraq, we continue to organize for justice for Iraqis and to hold war criminals accountable. We actively oppose the continuing U.S. war in Afghanistan, torture, the detention center at Guantanamo, weaponized and spy drones, the prosecution of whistleblowers, U.S. support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine and repressive regimes.

How we do it

Rooted in a network of local organizers, online supporters and generous donors, with an emphasis on joy and humor, our tactics include satire, street theatre, creative visuals, civil resistance, and directly challenging powerful decision-makers in government and corporations. And of course, wearing pink!

Why women?

CODEPINK is not exclusively women — we invite non-binary, gender-non-conforming people, and men to join us. We are particularly eager to see mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and daughters, female workers, students, teachers, healers, artists, writers, singers, poets and all outraged women rise up and oppose global militarism.

womennowar2_crop.jpgHow did we get started?

Medea Benjamin, Jodie Evans, Diane Wilson, Starhawk and about 100 other women kicked off CODEPINK on November 17, 2002. We set up for a 4-month all-day vigil in front of the White House during the cold of winter.

The vigil inspired people from all walks of life, and from all over the country, to stand for peace. Many organizations joined us, including Global Exchange, Greenpeace, WILPF, WAND, Public Citizen, NOW, Women for Women International and Neighbors for Peace and Justice. The vigil culminated on March 8, International Women's Day, when we celebrated women as global peacemakers with a week of activities, rallies and a march to encircle the White House in pink.

Over 10,000 people participated, and a group of 25 women, including Alice Walker, Maxine Hong Kingston, Susan Griffin, Starhawk, Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin, were arrested for taking our peaceful protest right up to the White House gate.

CODEPINK thus emerged out of a deep desire by a group of American women to stop the United States from invading Iraq. The name CODEPINK plays on the former Bush Administration's color-coded homeland security alerts — yellow, orange, red — that signaled terrorist threats. While Bush's color-coded alerts were based on fear and were used to justify violence, the CODEPINK alert is a feisty call for people to "wage peace."

Since then CODEPINK has become a worldwide network of women and men committed to working for peace and social justice. We have become famous for confronting the warmongers, whether in the halls and hearing rooms of Congress, the national conventions of both the Republicans and Democrats, George Bush's fundraisers, the publicity tours of Karl Rove, Condi Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and others, and Nancy Pelosi's house.

CODEPINK statement of nonviolence

CODEPINK is grounded in the understanding of the power of love and maintains a commitment to nonviolence in all of our actions. We understand that any violation of this commitment to nonviolence—no matter how small—may seriously damage our movement.

We define nonviolence to include the following elements:

  • We will use no violence, verbal or physical, toward any person.
  • We will maintain an attitude of openness and respect toward all people we encounter in our actions.
  • We will not destroy any property.
  • We will carry no weapons.
  • We will exercise personal and collective responsibility to ensure all participants adhere to these commitments.

Peace3_crop.jpgPink action principles

  • Nonviolence: We are committed to peaceful means of protest and resolving conflict when executing our actions, in coalition work, and within our internal process and relationships. 
  • Clear Goals: We will define CODEPINK's unique niche in our community (creative protest, cultivating women's voices, etc.) and set attainable goals for local projects that will further CODEPINK's peace mission. 
  • Communication Guidelines:  We write, speak and listen with respect to all.  Disagreements or disappointments are opportunities to practice peaceful and productive communication with each other. We keep our criticisms concise, specific, constructive, and focused on future improvement. We affirm a culture of appreciation, thanking and valuing all our activists and acknowledging donations, co-sponsorships, and other support.
  •  Responsibility and Teamwork:  We work in teams, sharing tasks and responsibilities, and building skills, together. We agree to be responsible for something only when we're 100% sure we are going to do it.
  • Diversity and Tolerance: We embrace feminist principals of cooperation, problem-solving, critical thinking, compassion, analysis and processing.  We will speak up against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ageism, and other forms of oppression and prejudice.  We will work towards a deeper understanding of our own power and privileges, and seek to cultivate a diverse local group with connections to the array of social justice groups in our cities. We highly recommend that every activist read this piece about recognizing privilege, entitled "Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack."
  •  Resource Sharing: Our logos, photos, and the downloadable resources on our website are free for local groups to use.  Central staff can help send email alerts for local organizers. Local groups can endorse or cosponsor local events without seeking permission from the central staff. Local groups are autonomous and are encouraged to take on national campaigns.
  • Messaging: We will work to make the messages on our banners, flyers, and public/ social media statements clear and potent. We aim to amplify our work through positive media coverage  -- for example, sending press releases, conducting press calls and liaising at events, providing talking points for participants, media training for local groups, etc.
  • Global Community: CODEPINK's work to end the war in Iraq was shared by 250 local groups in the US and a dozen international groups.  The solidarity between CODEPINK-ers in the US and overseas strengthens our work to end US wars and drone strikes, curtail government surveillance, bring justice to war victims, and reduce militarism worldwide. CODEPINK has taken delegations to Cuba, Iran, Israel-Palestine and other conflict zones to promote global and cultural engagement and awareness. We also participate in the Global Day of Action on Military Spending, international forums on war and peace, and other peace and diplomacy-building events.
  • Long Term Vision: We commit to working for a better world, for the long haul. We want to build what is called a “peace economy”: global community that cultivates a sense of respect for all people, and takes responsibility for the suffering we see in the world. We can begin by strengthening our relationships at home through our interactions and activism.  In the words of CODEPINK Cofounder Medea Benjamin, “Activism is good for our health and spirits—it keeps us engaged, active, upbeat, and passionate. Ending war may take a long time, and we can use that time to inspire ourselves and each other with positive, creative actions that embody the world we want to see!” 


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.
  • david eberhardt
    commented 2018-09-05 09:30:52 -0400
    re hines rant: if you’re Christian I assume you follow Jesus to oppose war and support the Plowshares movement- as a conservative you’re a green who wants to conserve the earth, and being pro life you work against poverty and are for condoms and sex education and would probably adopt some one’s unwanted baby saved from abortion.
    The mobs we see at trump rallies are actually just like those at the crucifixion- uneducated and deplorable- screaming to lock a woman up..
    ’Yr post fits right in.
    signed- dave in baltimore- Dorothy Dat leftist (pro people and pro earth)
  • david eberhardt
    commented 2018-09-05 09:26:06 -0400
    6/20- To see K Nielsen eating in a Mexican restaurant disrupted by cries of “shame, shame” from, onlookers. She had to leave. Now that’s heart warming- these creeps- I know they live in protected bubbles- walking around without confrontation- let’s have more- they must be shamed. Print their d c addresses- they are not normal- they are monsters who walk among us- let’s throw sand in their gears.
    Imagine having a wayne la pierre for a neighbor- or a jeff sessions.
  • Linda Hines
    commented 2018-09-04 22:27:13 -0400
    You demonstrate daily that you are mentally disturbed. You just can’t get it through your pussyhat-clad heads that YOUR SIDE LOST, and since 11/10/16 you’ve pitched a kindergarten-style hissyfit. You scream and yell like petulant spoiled children, preaching “tolerance”, yet showing the very opposite as soon as a camera is pointed on you. You drone on endlessly about how much you care about children, yet you scream nasty comment after nasty comment in front of Brent Kavanaugh’s children. But joke’s on you all: as you march around in high school drama department caliber Handmaid’s Tale outfits, America sees your pearl-clutching histrionics, and more and more of them make mental notes to vote Republican. So keep it up, losers: we who voted Trump keep winning and winning. Signed, a pro-life, Christian, Trump-supporting free-thinking strong WOMAN! MAGA!!!!
  • Pat Giroux
    commented 2018-06-19 23:41:23 -0400
    We need a march on Washington against the separation of immigrant children from their families!!!!!
  • david eberhardt
    commented 2018-04-16 07:00:35 -0400
    to Pat Akers- if it’s the sessions event yr talking about: confirming a racist defender of a totalitarian monster is disruptive- the fact that a few protesters are right and 50 boneheads are wrong? same ole same ole.
    It would have been self centered to you to protest a hitler-of which trump and gang remind.
    You are the self centered one.
    50 people in a room working to undermine democracy is not kosher.
  • Pat Akers
    commented 2018-04-16 01:44:07 -0400
    DIVERSITY AND TOLERANCE – disrupting a Congressional Committee meeting. There were at least 50 people in the room working. Disruption is five minutes times 50 people = 250 minutes. Selfish, self-centered. Childish.
  • Robert Spensley
    commented 2018-04-12 10:45:26 -0400
    Code Pink is a lighter version of Communist Red. Conspiring with the Russians, they have infiltrated the women’s movement in this country. What a shame that deocracy is threatened by people who are so easily influenced by outsiders.
  • david eberhardt
    commented 2018-03-23 09:04:34 -0400
    to Dennis- the Cal Perry piece- “How U S gun laws compare” is easy to find- just google it- it shows what can and should be done 2 you offer too much information 3 you are not connecting the dots- use some imagination and picture one of yr friends shot in the back by an ar- you seem to lack sympathy/ empathy AND imagination 4 as some one who acts, not blabs- I am off to join yr peers in DC- please have the courage to study and change- best, dave
  • Dennis Ballinger
    commented 2018-03-22 21:20:08 -0400
    David I put an answer in to you last night or maybe it was he night before. Sorry don’t rmemeber because I have been both busy and not feeling the best. It was long so no more long responses unless I copy first. I have 1 question and one favor and I appoligize for the favor in advance. Question: what does dance on the head of a pin mean? Favor: I looked for the article both under author, title, and I believe I found out he is a MSNBC reporter there at MSNBC. I did not find it so if you have a link I will be happy to read it. Now about your nothing to help my first question to you is what experience do you have in security? I have pretty much in both education and work experiences. Some of my college is both a BS and an MS in Criminal Justice, going through the police academy at night (day was in my BS) and worked manging the ice surface at a ice skating rink on the weekends. During the night when I was in the MS program I worked as a cop in a little war zone. I am a smaller person and there was only 2 and sometimes 3 cops on 3rd shift. I responded to many gun shots, been involved in many raids on drug houses, searched abondoned buildings for people that had shot and killed others, and many other scary things. Yes I was sacred but did my best not to show it and always did my job. There were good people that needed the police. The challenge was knowing who is who. This is just a snap shot of what I have done. That being said I help a number of people when I was absolutely out number by gang members but again did my job. What would you have done? I have my feelings but a question? How many gun shots have you responded to? Oh I also got talked to for not pulling my gun a a few occasions. So I am not a gunho shot em up person. I was also a lead instructor for the TSA when they were training the “new” security airport officers. Have you ever done anything like that?

    Now for what causes school shootings. Todays society is really messed up. These college kids are indoctrinated (hell the nazis would be proud). This getting a trophy for showing up, hell we don’t want to hurt anybodies feelings. This is ridiculous. People that do this are taking a valuable learning opportunity. My dad would tell me when I was odwn because I lost something that I needed to pratice/study more and better then maybe I would win. I did that and it paid off. Not every time but many. I also learned to lose graciously. Parents today (not all of them but many) have a goal of being thier kids best friendd. Again a losing proposition. My dad worked 2nd shift and would get up on the weekend to take me hunting and fishing. He taught me the safe use of guns along with many other things. He coached my brothers baseball team for awhile too. He was by no means perfect but the point is he did things with us and seen quality time. Hre told us all point blank. He was not our friend he was our parent and did puniosh us when we needed it. If we made a mess when we were out and a person came to clean it up my dad would say give that to him and he can clean up his mess. He taught us responsibility. accountability and would listen to us and make a discussion. WE typically did not lie to him (or our mom) because that would make a punishment worse. Thiss is easy, a kids job is to get away wit everything he can. A parents job is to keep the kid on the straight and narrow. Ypu never went home and cried to dad or mom about getting in troyuble in school because you would get what ypu got in school at home again. Now parents (again many) are stupid because if thier kid does bad that must be a reflection on the parent and these parents never do wrong. With all of this going on you have this “ME” generation/ Again bad news because there are others ouit there besides “ME”. Ghe fact that we have some many fatherless homes. Have you read any “good” research on that. Oh I do have a biy of expertise there to as I went through a PhD program for Applied Statistics and Research Methods. Had a lot of stats and methods course and have the knowledge to read research (need methods section, do you even know what that is?) and determine if the research is telling the truth or is there to futher an agenda. I will go on about other reason later if need be but those are a lot and look forward to your responses to the many questions and in general response.

    asfor saying the NRA is at fault lets discuss that. The NRA teaches safe use of guns, safe storage of guns, safe hunting pratices with guns (and in general), on and on. None of the NRA members that I know of or have heard about believes in killing people except under self defense. If someone is trying to kill you what would you do? I look forward to your answers. A few more points. Why have you guys not mentioned the school resource officer how stopped the assailant and put him self in harms way. What do you think of him? The NRA, who is many law abiding citizens (in fact more law abiding than many of these students that use violence to silence free speech. To them free speech is only ok if it is thier free speech, disgusting). Here is a good time to ask you another question. Do you knoiw why there is a 2nd amendment and why is it 2nd?

    I will go into what needs to be done to stop school shootings later because I have said enough so far and like I said I look forward to your responses.

    Thanks Denny
  • david eberhardt
    commented 2018-03-22 16:00:47 -0400
    to Dennis- the nra guy- I appreciate the earnestness- the comitment- 1 check out Cal Perry’s piece "How U S gun laws compare and get back to me 2 what has Dennis done or what does he offer to fix the problem? I see nothing but dance on the head of a pin defensive- NOTHING TO HELP
    Hello, Dennis
  • Dennis Ballinger
    commented 2018-03-22 14:29:46 -0400
    so you are condeming the NRA and even mentioned the last shooting but of course forgot to tell of the armed school resource officer that stopped this shooting from being worst. Shame on you. If you people were really concerned about kids dying you would be banning cars because I mean cars, especially when driven by young people kill far more people than any of the exagerated numbers you people use for gun deaths. Also you would be wanting to ban dems because many of these high profile shootings (and bombing but again you don’t mention these), are not only occuring in dem strong holds but commited by dems. No you go after me, a NRA member, who has done more to actually protect people that all your stupid rhetoric. when was the last time you actually stood up in a REAL situation to protect anybody…I know never because you would not…I call that cowardly. Now lets look at the real reason for these mass shootings. Society is changed and not for the good. Progresivism has infiltrated our society all at your encouragement. Kids don’t learn critical thinking skills and these critical thinking skills are replaced with indoctranition and follow attitude. Oh and this “ME” generation. Got bad news for you idiots there are other people out ther other than “ME”, that you conviently forget. No There are reasons for the mass shootings but you all don’t want to look at them because they would indicte you and god knows we can’t have that. Oh and tell me how many bombs have been used (or could have been used) in high profile killings. You don’t even know, disgusting. Got bad news for you. the world is not completely safe. There are issues and reasons but picking on law abiding peoples with your emotional and unrational reactions is really a bad way to go. I wish you people would wear a badge so if you are in a situation that is bad I will not interven because I surely don’t want to go against your wishes and as they say you make your bed you sleep in it.
  • Dennis Ballinger
    commented 2018-03-19 21:45:15 -0400
    Why was my last post not put up on your page?
  • david eberhardt
    commented 2018-03-17 10:03:29 -0400
    We’ll have to agree to disagree- at least I will- chk out Cal Perry’s piece- How U S gun laws compare- what are you doing to stop gun violence? Are you for banning assault weapons?, for example. I think you are in the wrong.
  • Dennis Ballinger
    commented 2018-03-17 09:55:47 -0400
    David I will need to look up your cite would be nice if you put a link. But coming from MSNBC who are so biased I don’t expect much. You never answered any points brought up about anything in my post. If you are so worried about kids dying I suggest you start a ban cars approach. I guess your guilty because you know this is true and you drive. No you’re one of these people that have no experience or knowledge of guns. But you are afraid of them. Irrational fear. I suggest you go out and get some experience with what you want to ban. I’d be happy to take you to a good gun range and help you learn about guns. The only thing I am guilty of is not trying to help people like you learn about guns. Oh and how many kids have you protected? I have protected kids and others in the face of violence so I would love to see your reaction in a real time of need. I have a feeling you’d keep your mouth shut and do nothing. Most people like you do that. But then you have the masses that are followers and people that talk and no action and others, like me, who will stand up and do the right thing. I am fairly busy today but will do my best to 𝐹𝒾𝓃𝒹 and watch your cite. Look forward to your reply.
  • david eberhardt
    commented 2018-03-17 07:49:05 -0400
    to Dennis “Methinks thous doth protest too much” (look it up)- suggest you stop dancing on the head of a pin in yr apparent shame and guilt- you are prt of the problem- for solutions study Cal Perry’s piece for MSNBC entitled “How U S gun laws compare”- all the arguments ever needed for gun control.
    You gun pushers would sacrifice your own children for gun profits. You enable death.
  • Dennis Ballinger
    commented 2018-03-16 20:40:41 -0400
    Your peace idea is great but not new. The problem I have with it is you think we can just have peace, give up guns and all will be well. In your “Diversity and Tolerance” section you talk about you guys using “critical think skills” and problem solving". I see none of this in your organization. In fact your latest statement about being against the NRA and the U.S. Army JROTC program. Now please tell me your critical thinking skills in this. Do you even know why there is a 2nd amendment and why it is second? Do you even know what the NRA does. Lets focus on guns for a minute. You think guns kill people. Got bad news for you. You can load a gun, cock it (i.e., make it ready to fire), set it on a table and point it at me and with no interference that gun will not kill anything. Lets take another tact. You surely must want cars banded too. I mean if there is no bigger killer than cars (not just by wrecks but pollution from not only the cars but the manufacturing process). Oh, but wait all you guys drive cars so of course your for them. These kids that are afraid to go to school but will jump in a car, which is many many more times a killer of kids than all mass shootings, hell all shootings put together. These kids aren’t afraid of that. In fact many will text, post to face book while driving now there is a killer. Kids are afraid because of the society that believes in giving trophies for just showing up,parents not being parents but best friends and again I can go on. This is disgusting. Kids, this me generation and that me says it all, are all self centered, have NO criticaal thinking skills and have been indoctrinated (hell the nazis didn’t indoctrinate as well as you people do). They are great followers but can’t answer the most simple questions about which they speak. This last shooting in the Broward County school was another tragedy but could have and should have been avoided. But thanks to the progressives/libs policies that didn’t allow police to do thier job in the school, or the coward police officers that hid outside while the shooting was going on, and did not respond properly to the MANY complaints about this idiot that killed and hurt so many, along with the FBI not doing thier job with the information they had gotten from concerned citizens about this idiot and you blame guns that law abidding citizens have and the NRA which is made up of law abiding citizens. In fact the NRA teaches proper gun handling, safety in hunting, safety in storage of guns and ammunition, again I can goi on. Now where dose the NRA teach mass shooting techniques. Yep you’re showing thlose really great critical thinking skills here. Now I hope I never see one of you guys needing help and if I knew your were a member of “Code Pink” I surely would do nothing to help, especially with a gun as I want to respect your wishes and I hope every law abiding citizen does the same. As they say you make your bed you sleep inn. Now lets look at studies that discuss gun control. Please cite some and I will read them and respond. Why would you believe me? I have my BS and MS in Criminal Justice (CJ). I didn’t like how they (CJ) did research so I went into Applied Research and Statistics PhD program. I finished all my class work, I taught statistics in college and helped write a on-line college statistics class for nurses. My main expertise is in Item Response Theory (IRT) and Rasch modeling. You probably have never even heard of those but I have had many classes in regression, general linear model, data reduction (factor analysis), cluster analysis, data collection and biases in this, sampling, responses on surveys (in fact survey research was what I did alot of in the stats lab for other researchers and PhD. I can go on. So I am qualified to read research (need the methods section) and give really good advice on articles. I also have written the NRA and discussed a report they put out a number of years back that was, well bullshit. It had to do with a graph and the scales on the graph not being of the same scale. I hate when anybody puts out falsehoods or lies. Oh and graphs are the easiest to make look like you want them too. Now this is not even discussing my work experiences which are, well way more than most people have. I am not bragging just stating facts. I am smart but I know people that are better than me and I do my best to be the dumbest in the group that way I can maximize my learning. Oh and one mpre thing I do is self actualize because it pisses me off when I make mistakes or am wrong because I did not do enough research or learning. No excuse for that. So I hope we can continue this discussion. Oh one last point, If I have misspelled anything that is because of two main reasons. 1) I am phonically impaired and 2) I type with two fingers and my fingers can be bad. so any misspeeling I apoligize and you can call me a dumb ass because, well I am in that field. Yes it was a challenge getting through my many years of college, especially when I started I got an old apple comp (the kind with no memory, no hard drive and floppy disc) and was typing up notes, papers, or my law enforcement work (yes I went through a police academyand was a cop for a bit in a war zone-a lot of gang mambers) and I didn’t save it and have to start over. Now that sucks.
  • Terry Sanderson
    commented 2018-03-16 19:44:51 -0400
    You are so wrong about ending JROTC programs. Really, you can’t be serious. BTW, I was in ROTC and my shooting skills were learned long before that. I think we need to encourage more of our young to service this country as I did and those that are in the JROTC programs. I suggest you to live in the shoes of a JROTC student a semester then report back what you learned.
  • Susan E Dunn
    commented 2018-03-16 11:19:00 -0400
    Just calling us uninformed and lacking knowledge is silly.

    Not following group think or believing everything the U.S. government and military confess takes great courage.

    Most of the members of CodePink formed their individual thoughts and beliefs over decades.

    Killing, raping, and all the tools of the military industrial complex are barbaric.

    Have a Beautiful Life.

  • david eberhardt
    commented 2018-03-16 08:42:41 -0400
    to Ms Moo- Code Pink IS the “more knowledgeable” in its protests- what does Code protest- a warfaring state and its guns and military industrial complex- racism, sexism, all the wrong positions that make the u s so dangerous- what are you defending- go ahead, lay it out point by point…I see yr american flag- who said “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”- if yr beliefs are superior, lets hear about them.
  • Pattymoo
    commented 2018-03-16 08:32:46 -0400
    Now that my statement of my view is submitted proves my point since to you unacceptable words are used you automatically flag my statement your organization is part of the division of our society, but I give you credit for even allowing this statement to be viewed, thank you for that
  • Pattymoo
    commented 2018-03-16 08:28:59 -0400
    What a uninformed and ignorant concept. Your group engages in protests , and never attempts conversation or views of others more knowledgeable in the issues you protest. Your organization lives in an echo chamber with only one view and if others disagree you call all sorts of degrading names. In your case a little knowledge is dangerous
  • Joseph Bennett
    commented 2018-03-16 06:24:35 -0400
    You liberal utopians make me sick to my stomach. Grow up!! This world will always have evil people living in it and it is up to SANE adults to be prepared for them rather than make ourselves sheep, awaiting slaughter. GROW UP!!!
  • Susan E Dunn
    commented 2018-01-07 16:57:02 -0500
    Omg. You think I think Saudi Arabia government is good? Nope.

    I challenge bad systems in place anywhere. Tons of flawed systems in Saudi Arabia, Britain, Spain, United States, Mexico, Greece, etc…

    A fighter knows who their opponent is and who it isn’t. I fight for the rights of all people.
  • Susan E Dunn
    commented 2018-01-07 16:35:39 -0500
    David I agree with your statement 100%. I do choose to challenge the system more. I loathe the U.S. military industrial complex but I don’t loathe citizens who were lied to, manipulated, and/or brainwashed into group think; and sadly joined the military. I can’t go there. I did years ago. Most systems in society are failing. People can be reasoned with but systems are cold and feelings are irrelevant. Political correction has to happen.
  • david eberhardt
    commented 2018-01-07 16:20:35 -0500
    re Susan’s statement below: demonizing exactly what both are doing- mostly the men- to me the Israelis have the most power and thus should make the most concessions and be generous- it would be easy for them to do so but for their fundamentalists and right wingers- I blame Israel more – I agree with Code Pink’s position on the matters- on all matters, for that matter!. We live in a system that is rotten due to capitalism- a word you will not find mentioned in most media- nor “military-industrial complex”. The U S is the world’s biggest terrorist- a rogue nation.
  • Susan E Dunn
    commented 2018-01-07 16:09:48 -0500
    Jewish people aren’t evil. Neither are Palestiniams. Systems are evil. Most people can agree on the following statement.

    Israelis are absolutely correct that they have a right not to be hit with rockets by Hamas, not to be kidnapped, not to be subjected to terrorist bombings. And Palestinians are absolutely right that they have a right to a state, a right to run businesses and import goods, a right to live in freedom rather than relegated to second-class citizenship in their own land.

    CodePink addresses system failures. Demonizing one side or the other doesn’t help anyone.
  • Dolong B Blavats
    commented 2017-12-05 03:27:54 -0500
    I am deeply saddened by the lack of insight displayed by some commentators on this page. Direct action of the sort promoted by Codepink is a consciousness raising, solidarity creating exercise. How could anyone compare this to the ‘liberation of Auschwitz by an army’ (and by the way, dude, Auschwitz was liberated by the Russian army, not the US army).

    To members of Codepink: you actions are courageous, determined and an inspiration to all who engage in confronting ignorance and authoritarianism. I have seen members of Codepink do things I personally would not dare to do. Confronting perpetrators and criminals without violence takes enormous courage.

    Of course it is true that non-violent direct action has its limitations, but I also believe it is inspirational and points to many possibilities that exist despite the political realities, using existing human and civil rights and the hypocrisy inherent in the current situation to expose stupidity, greed and insensitivity in ways that violence never can.

    So thank you to all the brave people making this happen!
  • Ingrid Kepler-May
    commented 2017-08-19 20:54:50 -0400
    I totally agree with Code Pink’s message for peace, only women can bring this about!! Meanwhile Medea is right that we can engage ourselves with positive, creative actions to create the peace we want!
  • Kevin Throwe
    commented 2017-08-19 04:36:22 -0400
    We need to allow the "Christian " population of America to understand how America kills people on a daily basis. The arms we sell and give to the governments of this world murder on a daily basis. The autocratic governments America arms so they can stay in power need to be held up publicly so the people of America can see the sins they commit each and every day. The number of people who die as a result of the weapons we give their leaders and the number of people that die as displaced persons due to the destabilization of their homeland by the U.S. war machine need to be known by all Americans. We need a Department of Peace working for a world in harmony. Zero effort gets Zero results.
  • Genie Silver
    commented 2017-08-11 11:51:09 -0400
    My name is Genie Silver and I’ve been a member of WILPF since I was 23 (1973). In the 1980s I chaired WILPF’s internat’l effort to stop the cruise and Pershing 2 missiles from being deployed in Europe — we worked with END/CND and many other organizations in this effort. In the 1980s, I went on peace missions to the USSR and the GDR as well as working with WILPF sections around the world. With 4 other WILPF members, I did civil disobedience at the White House in 1983 and spent a couple days in the D.C. jail. I’m on WILPF’s Middle East Committee. We are possibly considering going on a peace and fact-finding mission to Iran to meet with women peace activists and others. I receive CODEPINK’s emails and remember seeing a trip to Iran for CODEPINK members. WILPF’s Middle East Committee would very much appreciate speaking with the women in CODEPINK who have organized your trip to Iran. My email address is rhsilver@comcast.net. Thank you, in advance, for being in touch. For Peace, Genie