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Tuesday, May 3 Capitol Calling Party: Biden's Military Budget for 2023 - Buckle up!

Biden's Military Budget for 2023 - Buckle up!

On Tuesday, May 3, join CODEPINK Congress for our Capitol Calling Party featuring Lindsay Koshgarian and Monica Montgomery in conversation on Biden's 2023 military budget.

Don't let President Biden or Congress exploit the Ukraine crisis to justify a record high 2023 military budget! Biden wants $813 billion for that budget, half of which will go to private weapons contractors. Republicans in Congress want even more - billions more! Let's hone our talking points before hitting the phones to urge our House and Senate reps to oppose a new reckless Pentagon budget. While Biden threw us a bone by defunding the nuclear tipped sea-launched cruise missile, others in Congress want to put this dangerous nuclear weapon back into the budget, which already includes $34 billion more for nuclear rearmament. Join us for a deep dive into the next showdown over military spending.

Featured Guests:

Lindsay Koshgarian is the Program Director of the National Priorities Project, where she analyzes the Pentagon budget and outsized military spending's impact on the defunding of education, health care and more. Her recent article, "Our Skyrocketing Military Spending Helps Pentagon Contractors—Not Ukraine" points out that less than one percent of the current $782 billion Pentagon budget is marked for Ukraine, and about 50 times as much will go to for profit weapons contractors.

Monica Montgomery is the Advocacy Coordinator for the Council for a Livable World and a Research Analyst for the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, where her work focuses on building Congressional champions for nuclear arms control and non-proliferation and on electing Members of Congress who share these goals. Monica graduated cum laude from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in political science and peace studies and a certificate in international security studies and previously worked at the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

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