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Tuesday, April 27 Capitol Calling Party: In Defense of Whistleblowers

On Tuesday, April 27, CODEPINK Congress will focus on freeing Julian Assange and all whistleblowers. 

We will be joined by three guests: 

Gabriel Shipton, Julian Assange’s half-brother. Gabriel is a Melbourne-based film producer. When he isn't making movies, he campaigns for the freedom of his half-brother Julian Assange.

Stella Morris is Julian Assange’s partner, mother of two of his children, and an attorney with his legal team. 

Chip Gibbons is the policy director and legislative counsel for Defending Rights & Dissent, an organization founded by victims of the House Un-American Activities Committee that works to protect the right to engage in political expression. In this capacity, he has advised both state and federal lawmakers on the First Amendment.

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, is incarcerated in Britain’s Belmarsh Prison, where he is fighting US extradition on espionage charges related to his involvement with whistleblower Chelsea Manning and the publication of the Baghdad airstrike of 2007 and Iraq War Logs, among other documents.

Daniel Hale is a heroic former intelligence analyst who pled guilty to informing the public about the drone warfare program. He faces sentencing on July 31st for violations of the Espionage Act. Meanwhile, NO ONE in the US government who authorized the killing of civilians has ever been held accountable.

Join us in calling for these whistleblowers' freedom! Click here to join. 

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