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Dragon Ladies, Sex, Nuclear Weapons, and Death Webinar

Dragon Ladies, Sex, Nuclear Weapons, and Death: a CODEPINK China Is Not Our Enemy webinar on why #StopAsianHate needs to include a radical understanding of anti-imperialism and critical race theory.

Join us for a webinar panel to hear three young Asian American organizers discuss the interconnections between the fetishization of Asian & Pacific Islander women, racialized violence, and U.S. imperialist warmongering on a transnational level. Moderated by the China Is Not Our Enemy campaign coordinator, Madison Tang.

Featured speakers:
Lily Tang (UMass Amherst Asian/Asian American Studies, Asian American Women's Political Initiative Fellow)
Molly Hurley (Prospect Hill Foundation Nuclear Fellow, Beyond the Bomb)
Jacklyn Waight (Women of Color Advancing Peace & Security, Little Tokyo Service Center)

Co-sponsored by:
Pivot to Peace
Qiao Collective
World Beyond War
UMass Asian & Asian American Studies Certificate Program (AAASCP)
the Feminist Foreign Policy Project

Read the inspiration for this webinarLily Tang, Molly Hurley, and Jacklyn Waight's political satire article, also entitled "Dragon Ladies, Sex, Nuclear Weapons, and Death"in Inkstick Media here.

Please RSVP for the Zoom link, or join us live on YouTube at

If you couldn't attend or want to re-watch, you can view the recording of the webinar on CODEPINK's YouTube channel here.






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