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Webinar: STEM to Military Pipeline

Join CODEPINK and On Earth Peace for the first of a webinar series exploring the links between pinkwashing, STEM, and the military-industrial complex. We begin our journey where the STEM to military pipeline begins- with education. We will be discussing the push for STEM education for girls and its ties to the military-industrial complex, and beginning our interrogation of what this push for inclusion means for feminist anti-war movements. 

Featured Speakers:

Sari Stissi-Head Chef and Tech Manager

Sari Stissi is a multi-national, black, gender non-conforming lesbian. She graduated from Earlham College in 2020 with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Ancient and Classical Studies. While in undergrad, she focused on accessibility in tech and completed a capstone project on fake news detection. After graduation, she took a position as Head Chef and Tech Manager for Artisan Bakeries, a black-owned business in her hometown of Las Vegas. She is passionate about social justice, workers' cooperatives, and dismantling oppression.


Avery Mickalide- STEM Strikes for Peace

Avery grew up in rural Maine, running around outdoors and watching too much TV. Er* political and spiritual lives blossomed in college during the Occupy Wall Street movement. Both of these lives grew substantially in grad school where Avery was further radicalized by several years on a coal divestment campaign and several days on the frontlines at Standing Rock. Meanwhile, Avery was regularly having mystical experiences, some of which were of staggering intensity. Feeling a mixture of frustration and helplessness seeing er friends in the physics department take jobs at weapons manufacturers, Avery founded the STEM Strikes for Peace campaign, which e continues to run to this day. CALLING ALL STEM WORKERS AND STUDENTS TO REFUSE EMPLOYMENT FROM DEFENSE COMPANIES. Our demand is that spending on military science be cut by 90% and reinvested in science for the social good. This is a strike! After earning er PhD in physics in 2019, Avery took a year to travel and pursue other interests such as music before accepting a position as a computational biologist in Silicon Valley where e works today. *Avery is non-binary and is experimenting with e/er pronouns)


Seth Kershner- Author and current graduate student

Seth is the author or co-author of numerous articles and book chapters and is particularly interested in how the U.S. military has become intertwined with public education.  With Scott Harding, he is co-author of Counter-recruitment and the Campaign to Demilitarize Public Schools (Palgrave, 2015).  He is currently a graduate student in the history department at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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