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Who Profits = Dalit Baum at Univ. S. Maine

November 17, 2011
Portland, ME

Israeli Professor of Feminism Dalit Baum on “The Bottom Line: Barriers to Peace in Israel/Palestine—Who Profits…Who Suffers…Who Resists” at USM sponsored by Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights. Dalit also showed us a joyful video of the Freedom Riders on apartheid buses in the West Bank, arrested this week.

Her talk was an elegantly useful examination of the economic facts of Israel and settlements exploiting natural resources, and dumping toxic wastes, in the West Bank. Focus on corporate accountability, and bringing international pressure on countries, pension funds and the like to divest in order to avoid being complicit in crimes and human rights violations is the strategy. Finding local connections or, if not, declaromg an occupation-profit free zone to help raise awareness of the issues.

photo caption: Dalit Baum and members of Codepink Maine & Greater Boston, and event organizer Bob Schaible of Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights.

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