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September 11 in Japan - 6 months anniversary of disasters

September 11, 2011
Kyoto, INTL
Report back by Osaka codepinker and Green Tea Party member Narumi Tomida:

On September 11, I took part in a gathering and peace march against
nuclear power generation in Kyoto. The name of it was “Bye Bye Genpatsu
(nuclear generation/plant) 9/11 walk in Kyoto”. This day, 4 different
gatherings for the same purpose were held in Kyoto City.

In my gathering, before the march, some persons told their opinion about peace and nuclear power generation.

Some examples: “The accident of Fukushima nuclear power plant was the result from the successive Japanese governments until now and the generation
companies which have promoted nuclear policy sold their souls to Satan, so we must stop and repeal all nuclear generation for our next
generation.” “For nuclear-free world, let’s abolish nuclear weapons
and nuclear power generation together.” “Electricity we use in Kyoto
is made in 14 reactors integrated in Wakasa area. We must stop
them and change over our energy to natural one to protect our life and

At 2:46 pm, the time that the March 11 earthquake happened, we dedicated
silent prayer to all victims, and started the march. From babies in
strollers to old people, various generations joined it. Young
persons’ groups and young mothers and fathers with their children were
also many. Who wore the most unique dresses and worked hardest were
the members of New Japan Woman Association. Some of them wore the costumes of cow and penguin to appeal
for safe food and clean environment. Japanese beef was contaminated
by radiation so that some cattle were given the rice straw
contaminated by cesium, and that meat had circulated whole Japan, and
it caused huge confusion last month.

The temperature of this day was
more than 30 Centigrade!

As I joined alone, I walked with Retied Teachers’ Union. “Decrease
Military budget, Use it to support the victims!” These two phrases
were written on their placards so that all of children who live in the devastated areas can continue to study without in a safe environment protected from radiation.

Many chants were done in the march continuously. The most excellent
one was “Stop nuclear reactors! As the earthquake is coming near to
us!” That’s right!

About 1600 joined this march. A middle-aged man was playing
saxophone near me. “The Right to Live in Peace” (written by Victor
Jara who was a Chilean musician killed by Pinochet’s coup d'etat in
1973) and “We shall Overcome” and others were played.

This day, September 11 is also the day that Allende Administration in Chile
was overthrown by General Pinochet after 38 years ago. I heard that the demonstration against this coup
d'etat and the autocracy was held in Santiago on this day.

So, for the people who love peace,
September 11 is the day that we
work concretely to seek for peace, justice, freedom, human rights, and safe environment, etc. by nonviolent means.