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I do! Do you…? BDS Brides at BBB

August 9, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

The scene opens: Four brides and a priest walk into a box store…

Their banners read: “We Will Not Register at Bed, Bath & Beyond until it dumps illegal Israeli settlement products Ahava and SodaStream”

Signs, pinned daintily to the backs of frosting-white wedding gowns asked in silver sparkles: “Do You Boycott Occupation? I do!”

The officiator, sporting a bright pink collar, began the ceremony marrying these brides to a “life of conscience that honors international law, Palestinian human rights and peace with justice!”

And although some at Bed, Bath & Beyond who support the violation of Palestinian human rights shouted in the face of the “pastor,” the ceremony went on with sincere ‘I do’s’ and a song sung to the tune of the Wedding March.

Do you want to be a BDS bride? Find the materials you need here:

Characters: an official, a friend with a camera and as many brides as you can find

REV K: Dearly Israeli settlement boycotters, We are gathered here today to tell Bed, Bath & Beyond to stop supporting the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine -- to tell this retailer that it must dump AHAVA and SodaStream from its shelves and that until it does, we will not use its bridal registry!

REV K: Do you promise to tell your fellow brides to not register with Bed, Bath & Beyond until it stops stocking illegal Israeli settlement products Ahava and SodaStream?

RAE: I do!

REV: Do you promise to honor and obey international law?

DARA: I do!

REV K: Do you promise to cherish the right of Palestinians to use their own natural resources?

SANAA: I do!

REV K: Do you promise to have and to hold Palestinian human rights?

ALLI: I do!

REV K: Do you promise to register and shop only through human rights friendly companies? AND to love and cherish human rights for all?

GROUP CHANTS: We do! We do! We won’t buy AHAVA! We won’t buy SodaStream!

REV K: I now pronounce you married to a life dedicated to peace and justice!

GROUP SINGS (to the tune of the Wedding March):
We are the brides
Against Apartheid
We won’t buy SodaStream and AHAVA
Occupation profiteers
We won’t register here
Stand up for human rights for Palestine

[BDS Brides ½ page Flier Side1]


As brides of conscience we refuse to support the Israeli occupation of Palestine and will not register with Bed, Bath & Beyond until it stops stocking SodaStream and AHAVA.

Both are made in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, illegal as all are under international law, yet are stamped “Products of Israel”. This fraud supports the process of ethnic cleansing by stealing Palestinian land and natural resources while furthering the economic and military occupation.

SodaStream markets itself as an environmentally friendly product to “Turn Water Into Fresh Sparkling Water And Soda”… but there is nothing friendly about the destruction of Palestinian life, land and water resources!

AHAVA is hiding the ugly truth—its products actually come from stolen mud excavated from an area of the Dead Sea that should be Palestinian, yet is occupied by the Israelis—
and are produced in the illegal settlement of Mitzpe Shalem. Don’t let the “Made in Israel” sticker fool you—when you buy Ahava products you help finance the destruction of hope for a peaceful and just future for both Israelis and Palestinians.,

[BDS Brides ½ page Flier Side2]


DO YOU promise to LOVE retailers that support human rights in their product sourcing?

DO YOU promise to HONOR Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions against retailers that don’t, such as Bed, Bath & Beyond – and in so keeping, promise to not use this bridal registry until it does?

DO YOU promise to CHERISH Palestinian human rights? – The right of all Palestinians to live in dignity on their own land, the right of children to go to school and adults to work without being targeted by Israeli soldiers and settlers, their right to be free?

DO YOU promise to OBEY international law, the Geneva Conventions, and United Nations resolutions that all mandate an end to he illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine?

To have and to hold a life lived with conscience!


I now pronounce you married to a life of conscience that honors international law, Palestinian human rights and peace with justice – you are an integral part of the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement that is telling Bed, Bath & Beyond that there is nothing FRIENDLY about occupation – DUMP SODASTREAM – nor is there anything BEAUTIFUL about occupation – DUMP AHAVA!

JOIN BDS BRIDES – Tell Bed, Bath & Beyond you won’t use its Bridal Registry until it dumps AHAVA and SodaStream, contact la[at] for more info!