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Disruption of Rules Committee Hearing- Bring our War $$ Home!

June 27, 2011
CODEPINK Washington DC
Washington, DC
Last week President Obama announced that he will order the withdrawal of 10,000 soldiers by the end of 2011 and 23,000 more by the summer of 2012. CODEPINK finds this decision incredibly disappointing, as more and more U.S. civilians and even top U.S. officials are decrying the unsustainable nature of the Afghanistan War. The very day the president announced his plans to the nation, four CODEPINKers from the DC Office attended the House Rules Committee hearing on the Appropriations Bill, which, if passed, would channel billions of more dollars (specifically, $530 billion) to the armed conflict. Several of the Congressmen and women present, such as Representatives McGovern and Hastings, voiced their disappointment with President Obama’s limited withdrawal plan and expressed their concerns about rebuilding another nation when our very own is falling apart. Nevertheless, all seemed intent on passing the bill and no one opined the desperate need to use their political influence to replace warfare with health care, education, and other life affirming activities on very the top of the national priority list. Disgusted, CODEPINKers left the hearing waving signs that read, “No more money for the war machine!” and “Bring Our War $$ Home!” and in loud voices we warned them that some of their war-mongering attitudes and policy positions were only going to create more enemies for America.