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Road Rally to Support Saudi Women's Right to Drive

June 17, 2011
CODEPINK, Nonviolence Internationl. Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia
Washington, DC, DC
Today, members of CODEPINK once again rallied outside of the Saudi Embassy to express their support for the women in Saudi Arabia who are taking the initiative and demanding the right to drive.

The ‘Road Rally to Support Women’s Right to Drive’ event was organized by Nonviolence International and the Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia in solidarity with the Saudi Women’s June 17th driving campaign.

As countless women in Saudi Arabia took the daring step to drive today, supporters expressed their solidarity by driving around the embassy, honking their horns and cheering enthusiastically. Though the honking was cut short by noise complaints issued by the surrounding office buildings, and police threatened to issue $150 tickets to those who honked, the supporters continued to drive around the embassy and chant their support.

While the encounter with the police was disheartening, most passing cars honked their horns, or flashed us a thumbs us to express their support and quite a few of the police stationed around the area expressed their support for our demonstration.

Today the world watches as Saudi women demand the right to drive, we can only hope they achieve this right and continue to fight for equality.

If you want to show your support for Saudi Women sign our petition on to get the US government to publicly pressure Saudi Arabia on women’s rights.

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