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Vigil to End All Wars in Honor of Mother's Day

May 4, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

In the wake of the disturbing celebrations after the killing of Osama bin Laden, CODEPINK issued a call for Wednesday demonstrations; an “All Out to End All Wars”.

Ten of us gathered on a Los Angeles street corner. It was time for peace, no excuses left to feed the public: no fake weapons of mass destruction, no boogey-men.

Hundreds of cars drove past during the two-hour vigil, and with them we heard a steady stream of supportive honks. One woman, holding a blazing pink banner with the words “Peace Is Patriotic” painted lovingly across the cloth, said, “Obama just needs to hear these honks, then he’d know what to do.”

We discussed the complicity of the media in perpetuating negative stereotypes and violence. We had just seen the LA Times report that suggested the Dalai Lama had come out in support of the assassination of bin Laden; a report we knew to be deceptive as one of our co-founders was among the Dalai Lama’s audience that same day and heard a very different tale by the renowned pacifist.

Among our messages was that of the Mother’s Day Proclamation that calls for peace: “Arise All Women Who Have Hearts” was written on felt and surrounded by hearts.

And in our ranks during the Wednesday vigil was our friend Michael from Vets for Peace who bicycled over to hold one end of a long sign calling to “Shut Down War”. We also had Janet, a CODEPINK staff member in town from San Francisco, whose white banner read: “War is Over If You Want It”.

Passersby were supportive, the sun was shining; we were all friends. The creation of such a sense of community was enough to render one hopeful that an end was indeed near.


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