Mar 02

March 8: Solidarity with Afghan Women

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Sep 24

Violation of International Law: Where is Obama’s “Authorization to Use Force” in Iraq

Posted by CODEPINK StaffThere was much enthusiasm in 2008 that President Barack Obama would bring a saner and more lawful...
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May 30

Inspiration for Your Friday

Posted by CODEPINK Staffby Janet Weil"Does my sassiness upset you?" – Maya Angelou (1928 – 2014)This past week was punctuated,...
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Jan 06

Locked in Winter

Posted by CODEPINK Staff By Kathy Kelly, January 6, 2014Kabul--The fire in the Chaman e Babrak camp began in Nadiai’s home...
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Oct 03

Iraq struggle continues!

Posted by CODEPINK StaffWhen US Labor Against the War (USLAW) learned that Iraqi unions had been invited to attend last...
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Jan 08

CODEPINK Says No to John Brennan for the CIA

Posted by CODEPINK StaffToday President Obama nominated John Brennan to be head of the CIA. This nomination is an example...
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Dec 17

Why not warmth in Afghan duvets?

Posted by CODEPINK Staffby Dr. Linda Sartor15th December, 2012Kabul--The Afghan Peace Volunteers are a group of young people in Afghanistan...
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Jun 13

Preventing Suicide, One Step at a Time

Posted by CODEPINK Staffby Rae AbileahAs the sun set on June 9th, nearly 2,000 walkers in the American Foundation for...
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May 24

Note to NATO: war and occupation in Afghanistan will not empower women!

Posted by CODEPINK Staffby Sharon MillerThis past week, CODEPINKers were among thousands of activists who gathered to speak out against NATO...
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May 13

Don’t Send Me Roses for Mothers Day

Posted by CODEPINK StaffMedea BenjaminWhat happened to us mothers? We allowed this holiday to get away from us. We allowed...
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