Stop the Basing of the F-35 at Vermont Air Guard Station

Senator Patrick Leahy and Senator Bernie Sanders,

Stop the Basing of the F-35 at the Vermont Air Guard Station

The F-35 fighter jet, still years from any utility, stands as the most costly weapon system to U.S. taxpayers and potentially, the most catastrophic failure. With $400 billion dollars already spent and more than $1 trillion to go over the next 30 years, the proposed fleet of F-35 jets robs our tax dollars from life-affirming investments in the underfunded areas of education and health care.

Beyond the siphoning of resources, the F-35 is an immediate threat to people in Vermont. People who live close to the Vermont Air Guard Station, especially children, would suffer health impacts from the extreme noise pollution created by basing this weapon of war in close proximity to a residential neighborhood. 

In solidarity with Vermonters and the Stop the F-35 Coalition, we implore you to take immediate action to stop the basing of the F-35 at the Vermont Air Guard Station.

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    Sign the petition: Stop the Basing of the F-35 at Vermont Air Guard Station
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    Sign the petition: Stop the Basing of the F-35 at Vermont Air Guard Station
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    An injustice to any is an injustice to all, and if it isn’t addressed individually, it becomes a global injustice as well.  “You can’t struggle with the man’s house (mansion) using the man’s tools”, Audrey Lourdes, “be the change you wish to see in the world”, “the root of all oppression lies in (supposed) science”, Gandhi.  Remember, if responsibility isn’t exercised, its Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither, like an unused muscle as well; now, sadly, because of self-possession, it needs to be exorcised before it’s exercised.  No one must be conned by the corporate structure’s convolution, divide and conquer only works on the divided, life is indivisible, as your potential is illimitable.   reality   If you will, please copy, share. reality
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    Agree. One thing that might be useful is to enter into a dialog with the people who are at that Air Guard Station. Maybe we can help them find work elsewhere. Especially when they hear about how costly it is to keep them at their present job and how hopeless it is to continue to keep spending so much on a killing machine when so much is needed on health care. They could be proud of their new position and we may forgive them for unknowingly continuing in this line of work since they obviously do not mean to create a war. Maybe we could give them an assignment to find out how much war costs and how much they are contributing. Especially important to find them a new job – something they are passionate about!
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    Sign the petition: Stop the Basing of the F-35 at Vermont Air Guard Station
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    Sign the petition: Stop the Basing of the F-35 at Vermont Air Guard Station
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    Sign the petition: Stop the Basing of the F-35 at Vermont Air Guard Station
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    Sign the petition: Stop the Basing of the F-35 at Vermont Air Guard Station
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    Invite growth, new business, expanded green initiatives, etc., creating a Vermont brand around a healthy, safe, forward-thinking state and then put F35’s in the midst of the most populated area

    at a small commercial airport. Which of these things doesn’t belong?
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    The F-35 basing at BVT is an atrocity, pure and simple, and I believe you know it. Please do what’s right and work to move this basing where it belongs, over an unpopulated desert somewhere.
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    Sign the petition: Stop the Basing of the F-35 at Vermont Air Guard Station
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    To think that Vermont would allow the Air Force to place a fighter jet that has the power to downgrade a community is reprehensible… do our legislators sleep @ night?
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    I’m writing to encourage removal of the F-35s from South Burlington.

    The F-35 causes noise levels that have no place in a residential

    setting. I know, from having worked in the flight path, that the F-16s

    flying overhead made conversation impossible; the noise was painful;

    such noise levels are indeed a threat to hearing.

    Psychologically, and physiologically, for many citizens, this is

    another level of stress.

    I know from living in flight paths outside of South Burlington, that

    the F-16s have a long-reach and widespread noise pattern.

    The F-35s are far worse.

    As a former Maine resident, I know of one former air force base -

    Loring – that was out in the middle of nowhere, where pilots could

    train and practice all their necessary high-level skills without any

    threat to citizens.

    Surely the government can put practice strips for these high-level

    killing machines where they won’t terrorize and compromise the welfare

    of the citizens who are paying for the huge military budget.

    Indeed the people should have some say in how the military we are

    supporting is allowed to affect our lives.

    It’s disheartening that the voices of citizens most affected are not

    acknowledged, or even encouraged.

    The health and well-being of taxpaying citizens must take precedence

    over the practices and technological advances of our military. We love

    and respect them; but as the technology of warfare changes, so must

    citizens’ regulatory responses.

    We don’t let them detonate bombs in our backyards, nor practice

    high-level weaponry in compact residential areas. The F-35 is a whole

    new level of aircraft that should be restricted to out-of-neighborhood

    training sites.

    It is appalling that the dominant manarchy only considers itself in this issue, which

    affects families, women, and children.

    Thank you for your help with this complex and important issue. Please

    help the people of South Burlington and beyond keep their hearing,

    health, and welfare intact! The F-35s do not belong in residential


    My best,

    Katharine Hikel, MD

    350 Tyler Bridge Road

    Hinesburg VT 05461
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    On a regular basis I walk my 6 month old in her stroller when I take the dog for a walk. Each time the plans fly over she cries, interrupting our peaceful walk through our community. The noise is so loud I worry about permanent damage to her hearing. There must be a safer place to fly the jets other than over my backyard.
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    This project is an abuse of power and influence. Burlington was originally third down on the list of possible locations but with the use of position, you have both ignored the dangers the f35’s represent to the residents of Burlington and surrounding suburbs.

    These fighters are unproven and, as of yet, a failure in design. Please keep in mind that you are both to be held responsible in the event of any fatal accidents. Without your pressure, this threat to our health and safety would not exist and we could all rely on a lifestyle that Vermont is supposed to represent!
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    Reed Harmon
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    As a Winooski homeowner with a young child that will be directly impacted by these jets, I am BEGGING you to not base the F-35s at the Vermont Air Guard Station. Thank you.
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    I am afraid of a crash and the ensuing burning of extremely toxic materials, causing deadly gas/particulates to be breathed in by anyone in the vicinity, and also of the very loud noise of the F35. This is NOT a good place to base the F35- right smack in the middle of 140,000 people!

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