Want to grow your local peace economy,                 

...but don't know where to start?

Here are some resources, and steps that can help you.

Crisis is inevitable; we see it happening both in the planet and in people’s lives. Historically, these crises vacuums have been filled with exploitation and accumulation of wealth. Growing local just peace economies will build solutions to the vacuums created by the extensive extraction and exploitation.

How will the transition from a war economy to a peace economy look like? How will we build it? We all participate in different economies, we all invest our time, energy and resources in different practices, both extractive and regenerative. Divesting from the extractive war economy means taking power away from it, and instead building a just peace economy, which is based in cooperation and equity.


  • Watch How We Live - Transition towards a Just Economy

  • How are you building a peace economy for all?
  • What does peace mean for others? What does peace mean for you?

Now, more than ever, different groups of people, such as immigrants, refugees, Muslim people, Black people, and women (mostly trans women of color) are being targeted and attacked. Therefore, it is crucial that we rise even stronger as accomplices (not allies), and take action!

Your connection locally and your imagination can be your guides, but if you need assistance, here are some steps and examples:

It is global warming and the war economy.

Recognition -- Recognize, learn, reflect, act. Be aware of the impacts your daily habits have on people and the planet. Where are you not living your values?

  • We all contribute to the extractive war economy by living extractive practices and values.
  • We can’t fix the economy and the planet with the mindset that caused this crisis in the first place. Corporate, violent “solutions” will continue to benefit the few at the expense of the many.
  • How are you contributing to war, poverty, state violence? What is the purpose of your actions? Is it to create a caring environment, or to create profit? The “green economy”, for example, is also a war economy when its purpose is to create profit.
  • Some people don’t have many choices, do you? People are just trying to survive. What choices you can make to support the livelihoods of people and the earth?
  • What do you engage your time, thoughts, energy in?

*It is global warming and the war economy.   

Support local, national, and global efforts against violent and extractive practices. Amplify your voice.

  • Shift the power balance. At the root of the problem is an imbalance of power. 
    • We are all building power together. Our reinvestment efforts are embedded within a mass social movement of interlocking justice struggles. Underlying all of our work must be a deep commitment to solidarity organizing and accountability to the communities who are the driving force for change.
  • Connect with movements that are working against extractive/violent practices. Go to actions, sign petitions, share information, donate, support:

Corporate greed

Militarization Environmental injustice
Immigration enforcement Occupation and gentrification
Criminalization War
Police violence  

 *These groups are mostly based in CA. Find you local groups!

Invest your daily money/energy in regenerative community-led businesses, such as co-ops, instead of investing in extractive corporations.

Instead of buying at Walmart, for example, buy at your local co-op or community store. Why co-ops?

  • Find your local food co-ops
  • Are you part of a divestment campaign? Want to find ways to reinvest in a regenerative economy? Check out Regenerative Finance projects/tools- Regenerative Finance shifts the economy by transferring control of capital to communities most affected by racial, climate and economic injustice.
  • Time Banks- a way of giving and receiving to build supportive networks and strong communities.
  • Connect with people and organizations that are creating change and building the infrastructure for a peaceful and just economy.

Self-local-governance. Be engaged in your local politics.change_the_rules.jpg

  • Be prepared to change things internally and externally. Be connected to local, national, and global movements, but also be part of, for example, county/city commissions. Shift power internally; contest for power at the level of governments.
  • Change the culture by working locally. National and global policy reforms, like LGBTQIA rights, had happened with local fights.

Challenge the status quo/your beliefs and assumptions.

Learn to unlearn, re-learn - the media has filled our minds with trash. Unlearn the trash, learn the love. Be open to learning about different perspectives (listen), be critical, ask questions, be compassionate.

  • "People will not go someplace we have not first traveled to in our minds." Imagine, reimagine, be creative, be diverse.
  • We created what we live in, we can create another way of living.
  • Pop-Ups for Peace- Spaces for open dialogue, reflection, critical thinking, and imagination can ignite visions for change and motivations for collective action.

When you "divest" from the extractive/war economy, can be automatically investing in a peaceful one, by changing the narrative and taking a stance. BUT it is not about reacting all the time, we have to be proactive. What are the roots of the problems we live with? How can you support/build real solutions? Communities and people are building community-led solutions for resilience, justice and peace. Connect with them.

Any questions and/or feedback, please email us to: peaceeconomy@codepink.org


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  • commented 2017-09-12 22:41:04 -0400
    This is the best practical guide to living according to true anarchist anti-war principles I have ever found. Thank you so much for all the links and the suggestions. Please keep up all that you do.
  • commented 2016-11-22 20:09:59 -0500
    Like you I want peace wars cause conflicts and violence. And they don’t solve anything. Like this last war. Brought mini civil wars. And a mass induction of migrants. Invading our way of life. And like many I lost someone in battle. When does it end?
  • followed this page 2015-09-21 18:39:28 -0400