Open military courtroom for Ahed's Trial


After a video of Ahed confronting Israeli soldiers outside her house went viral, she was arrested in the middle of the night. Overnight, she became a hero for young women throughout the world. Israel wants her case to be forgotten so they have closed her trial to the public. No media, no diplomats, no human rights observers. Help us call on the US State Department to demand that Ahed’s trial be opened, and that they send a US official to monitor the trial.

Dear US State Department,

It is horrible that Israel has closed the courtroom for the military trial of 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi. They are trying to hide from the international community while they try a child in a military court with an over 99% conviction rate.

Seventeen-year-old Ahed Tamimi is facing up to 10 years in prison. Each year, Israel arrests and prosecutes around 700 Palestinian children in military court. Israel’s abuse of Palestinian children must stop.

We ask you to demand that Israel open the courtroom and that you send a representative of the US government to be present throughout Ahed Tamimi’s trial.


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    Jaime Duran
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    The US must send an observer to make sure this young girl gets fair treatment and an OPEN courtroom.
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    Give the child a fair trial
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    Please take a stand for justice, demand that this teenager, Ahed Tamimi, be given a fair and open trial and that we, the U.S., send a representative to observe.
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    gloria garcia
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    Waiting for a “representative” to stand up, speak out and act on the ideals of peace and justice they claim to believe it. Thousands of people around the world risk their lives for freedom and equality, yet no US "leader’ has the courage to risk their career, benefits and perks.
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    For #IWD2018 US State Depart Israel must open courtroom trial of Ahed Tamimi #FreeAhed
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    Occupation is illegal, and those soldiers who was in Ahed house were shooting children’s and killing them. How can you turn your back on this brutal act from those Israelis?? Those soldiers should not be in her house in first place. Stop jail those children’s as no child should be in prison. Those children’s are disarmed and yet they spent years in prison if not die there. And why soldiers and settlers not punished when they burn families or individuals alive ?? What Ahed did when she slaped that soldiers nothing of what they do to Palestinians. America it is time to play justice ….
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    Code Pink is always doing the right thing – Thank you, Code Pink!
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    Raul Anorve
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    Elizabeth Reshower
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    This is an outrage and a blatant violation of human rights. We must punish them for such atrociois behavior to deter it in the future.
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    What is so threatening about a young woman, that this trial needs to be conducted in secret? Justice requires transparency.
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    Free Palestine
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    For #IWD2018 US State Depart Israel must open courtroom trial of Ahed Tamimi #FreeAhed

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