Tell Congress No $54 Billion for War!

To Congress,

We urge you to oppose a budget that increases military spending. The massive increases in Pentagon spending being proposed would come at the expense of foreign aid, the Environmental Protection Agency, the US State Department, and more. We need schools, health care, green jobs, and diplomacy, not more tanks, warships, and nuclear weapons!


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    Trump is cutting funding for the UN, EPA, education & housing to feed the Pentagon. Tell Congress #No54Billion4War!
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    Stop the endless war spending and rebuild our infrastructure.
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    Martha L Ralphe
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    Edward Mills
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    Donald, Mitch and Paul seem to favor secrecy about the negative but predictable results of their plans for the millions of people in our country in order to benefit ALL our people. How about a focus on Dignity, Honesty and Truth?
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    paula Orloff
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    Fuck Trump and the MIC
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    PLEEEAAASSSSE!!! We need infrastructure repair & replace, not a replacement of the ACA. The ACA is a great piece of legislation that needs a some tweaking. it was put in place with the knowledge it will need some adjustments later on. We need teachers to educate our children. We need arts to enrich our minds. We need environmental protections so we don’t all die of cancer caused by our pollution.

    If we want to change the world we need to start with ourselves. Kindness and enrichment of the mind and spirit is the only way we will survive. Hatred only breeds hatred.
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    Cut the madness of militarism budget in half, then in half again. We are spending a trillion dollars a year if black budgets are counted.
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    I am a Vietnam veteran and I condemn war. It is morally wrong and an abomination.
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    Trump is cutting funding for the UN, EPA, education & housing to feed the Pentagon. Tell Congress #No54Billion4War!
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    Trump is cutting funding for the UN, EPA, education & housing to feed the Pentagon. Tell Congress #No54Billion4War!
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    Stop the needless spending!
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    Do “we the people” have any power at all? Do we have a standing chance against wealth and power? Can we for once consider our role in the universe?
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    Yes, we need to be creating a better country here, not destroying other countries. Where is your conscience? Where is your shame?
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    Our national foreign policy of covert imperialism since WW II has been an abysmal, epic failure and it is the height of hubris and hypocrisy that we continue to escalate spending on our failing military efforts while cutting our diplomacy, as well as much needed domestic programs. We are on the road to becoming the first hugely wealthy Third World nation, which a massive, useless military.
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    No more funding for war! This country needs to start negotiating for peace, stay out of other sovereign nations’ affairs, and start rebuilding our own country by supporting the needs of the American people.

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