Tell Congress No $54 Billion for War!

To Congress,

We urge you to oppose a budget that increases military spending. The massive increases in Pentagon spending being proposed would come at the expense of foreign aid, the Environmental Protection Agency, the US State Department, and more. We need schools, health care, green jobs, and diplomacy, not more tanks, warships, and nuclear weapons!


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    After Congressional Republicans got hold of the military budget it’s even more now. The priorities are incredibly in need of adjustment.
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    r martin
  • signed 2017-06-29 13:23:43 -0400
    Putting the profit motive aside, if the scope of current US wars, i.e. money spent, lives lost, bodies devastated, problems solved/resolved, benefits reaped/ not reaped etc. were placed into a context; a simplified hypothetical first graders could grasp, they would be able to look at each other and say, “Wait, this doesn’t make sense and doesn’t seem to help anybody. Maybe we should spend our money and lives on this or this or this”. They would very likely be able to come up with a better solution to endless war. Our “best and brightest” can’t or more accurately will not solve this problem. If it weren’t so damn sad and serious it would be laughable. Look what we’ve become.
  • signed 2017-06-29 12:44:25 -0400
    For my entire 64 years we have been involved in some kind of conflict!!! And not one of these countries has succeeded in physically assaulting the American continent. We are sacrificing our lives and treasures to benefit only the elite!!! President Trump put a stop to it now!!!
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    Peace is the central issue of our times. End the Forever War now. It is a strategic failure and there will not be a future for out children and grandchildren if the resources wasted on the military are not redeployed to creating a sustainable infrastructure.
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    I am a US Army Veteran and College Graduate. We need to take care of our Domestics Needs. Our Citizens should be first. America First. Education First, Health Care first, Infrastructure First, Jobs First, Living First and the World, Second.
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    I’m a combat veteran from the Viet Nam War. Look at how that ended. I took them in standing up and brought them out laying down so they could be transferred home and their families could put them to rest. We don’t need more WAR, we need to spend the money here at home. NO to $54billion for WAR! Rich people don’t fight wars, poor people do. Oppose Trump at every turn and stop the bluster.
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    Stop the waste. Enough of puffing out your chest congress/president/cabinet members. Your actions are a worldwide embarrassment.
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    Make Peace not War! Thank you Code Pink!
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    The RUMP is your typical (American) WAR PROFITEER: he is only in for the moneyyy! and zero

    else….His Clan is entirely pro-profit “at any cost” to the public: time to act! DH
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    To “make America great” it will be necessary to make America good. To do that we need to stop endless war and shift that money to the poor, elderly, young and disadvantaged in this country. We all deserve a decent life. STOP THE GREED AND THE WARS. Take care of our own (that doesn’t mean the greedy 1%’ers who will never have enough money to satiate them). Time to leave Manifest Destiny behind and move into an Humanitarian Era.
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    This is the most dangerous republican party in our history, they are abusing power!
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    Trump is cutting funding for the UN, EPA, education & housing to feed the Pentagon. Tell Congress #No54Billion4War!
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    Make America great by using taxes to support America’s needs at home.
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    We are strangling ourselves with war.. it must stop.

    .if not it will be our ultimate ruin.
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