No one should have to live under the rule of an occupying army. No one should have to pass through checkpoints on their way to school, watch their family members be shot, or have their homes invaded in the middle of the night. Two weeks ago, 16-year-old Palestinian girl, Ahed Tamimi, couldn’t take it anymore. This time when soldiers came to enter her home, she stood up and pushed back. She screamed and slapped the soldiers.

For the damage Ahed caused to their sense of masculinity, Israel is exacting revenge. Ahed has spent the past week and a half in various Israeli prisons. Most of her time has been in a freezing cold isolation cell with a camera monitoring her every move. Tomorrow as she appears in court, we are demanding of Netanyahu that she be released immediately.

Israeli leaders want extreme punishments for Ahed. Israeli Education Minister Neftali Bennett has said she and her family “should spend the rest of their lives in prison.” Israeli journalist Ben Caspit called for her to be sexually assaulted, saying, “we should exact a price at some other opportunity, in the dark, without witnesses and cameras.Defence Minister Avigdor Liberman said she and her family must “get what they deserve.

The ill-treatment of Palestinian women prisoners, including various forms of sexual violence, is well documented. Now, leaders of Israeli society are publicly declaring that a 16-year-old girl should be raped! Netanyahu must release Ahed Tamimi immediately!

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To Prime Minister Netanyahu:

We demand the immediate release of Ahed Tamimi. Every young girl has the right to stand up and keep a soldier from entering her home. It is the soldiers who are criminalsnot the women.

Ahed is a 16-year-old Palestinian girl. She is in imminent danger of being abused, humiliated, or worse if we don't get her out fast. Ben Caspit, an Israeli writer, has already called for her rape. Sexual torture by the State of Israel is a vile crime against humanity. We demand the immediate release and safety of Ahed & her family.


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    #FreeAhed immediately! No teenage girl should endure abuse & humiliation under harsh #occupation. via @codepink
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    ACT NOW.
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    #FreeAhed immediately! No teenage girl should endure abuse & humiliation under harsh #occupation. via @codepink http://www.codepink.org/freeahed?recruiter_id=632530
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    No more excuses: ‘pity us!’ ‘pity us!’ No more anti-semantic accusations of nonsensical notional ‘anti-semitism’, while you and yours, re-enact the crimes of the Warsaw Ghetto, casting the innocent indigenous inhabitants of the lands you stole and continue to steal, into the enforced heroic role of enduring resistance unto death against intolerable inhuman oppression.

    Murdering the Tamimis, or flattening more tracts of Gaza, at even greater deliberately opted for collateral civilian cost, will now only hasten the collapse of your entire racist genocidal regime, quite possibly at even greater ultimate cost to your own citizens. Your project has failed. You will not get your ‘absolving’ World War. You are on the wrong side of history, and all your chickens will shortly be coming home to roost. Quit now, while you can still do so from a position of fragile strength!

    Start by freeing Ahed Tamimi, along with her mother and other relatives, and ALL the victimised traumatised children, you have concentrated into your unjust and unlawful IOF shithole ‘administrative detention’ centres (hey, the President used the word).

    Better beg the forgiveness of the people you have dispossessed and abused, with whom you will soon either have to make a ‘new covenant’, or book passage to Patagonia or Ukraine, or wherever it is you’d gambled on ducking out to, when the intended lid finally came off. It’s coming off now, only not in the way you had planned, and you’re already getting scalded by the steam.

    Won’t be long now, and as BDS finally takes off in a big way on the international stage (thanks in no small part to your persecution of the plucky and inconveniently telegenic Tamimi family) it’s going to get a lot hotter.

    Maybe, when all else fails, do the World a favour, and think seriously about collectively sticking your racially superior heads into buckets of cold water, three times, and taking them out twice..
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    Martha Lovette
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    Set her free!!
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    Surprise the World & behave with dignity and decency.
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    #FreeAhed immediately! No teenage girl should endure abuse & humiliation under harsh #occupation. via @codepink
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    Your strength is within you Ahed and the world supports you.
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    You are stronger than the vile rodents that persecuted you.
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    Ebie Brown
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    #FreeAhed immediately! No teenage girl should endure abuse & humiliation under harsh #occupation. via @codepink
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    Free Ahed immediately! No teenage girl should endure abuse & humiliation,there are many childern like Ahed but she is the one who has vedio to support her case.
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    Free ahed
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