Demand Justice for Chelsea Manning!

Chelsea Manning is being threatened with indefinite solitary confinement for alleged new "crimes": sweeping some food onto the floor and then asking to speak to her lawyer when a guard confronted her, having books and magazines in her cell about politics and LGBTQ issues including the Vanity Fair issue with Caitlyn Jenner on the cover, and "improper medicine use" for having a tube of toothpaste that was past its expiration date. Indefinite solitary confinement is one of the most inhumane forms of psychological torture and is a blatant violation of Chelsea Manning's human rights. Her next hearing is scheduled as closed to the public so her supporters can’t come out for her. 

Dear Boards Branch, Directorate of Inmate Administration:

Putting any human being in indefinite solitary confinement is inexcusable, and for offenses as trivial as these (an expired tube of toothpaste, and possession magazines?) it is a discredit to America's military and its system of justice. We demand that these charges against Chelsea Manning be dropped, and request that Chelsea's hearing on August 18th be made open to the public, to ensure she is treated fairly.


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