CODEPINK North Carolina

In January 2005 we formed a North Carolina Chapter with 15 active, smart, networked, and creative women. Since then we have branched out to Boone, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Highpoint, Knightdale, Nags Head, Saluda and Selma, as well as the Triangle group based in Raleigh. 

The Triangle group is a working group. We are a work in progress and want new bright, enthusiastic women to join in our efforts. We warn you these women (ages 30 - 60) know they are preaching to the choir and don't come to meetings to complain. They come to plot and organize for change! If you are interested in a targeted, creative, action group dedicated to peace and social justice, we encourage you to join the yahoo group (see below) to listen in, and stop by our next meeting.

The Triangle group is working on three projects we hope will catch on

1. Getting the press to pick up and pursue the REAL roots of Mother's Day, started by Julia Howe in protest to the horrors of the Civil War. Howe's proclamation begs that in the name of all mothers war is denounced. No mother raises and loves her child to be killed and mutilated over political disputes and arrogance.

2. Getting information out to draft-age youth (18-35) about how to become a conscientious objector. Some may not be interested, and even fewer would qualify, but a number of members have teen sons and feel it is the right of these teens to know their options as they are already recruited by the military in school. Note: New draft will likely include men and women equally.

3. Garnering support of Democratic NC Congressmen for Rep. Lynn Woolsey's resolution for withdrawal.

North Carolina CODEPINK Contacts:

For the most up-to-date list of our North Carolina local groups and coordinator contact information, please click here. 

Triangle: Michele Bailey

OBX: Jo Beall

Fayetteville: Debbie Liebers

Charlotte: Maggie Rose

North Carolina Lobbying Effort

Main Coordinator: Shannon Hardy

Rep. Price's District – Stephanie
Rep. Miller's District –  Shannon
Rep. Hayes District – Maggie
Rep. Myrick's District – Billy
Rep. Jones District – Jo
Rep. Etheridge's District – Allyson

Join CODEPINK NC's yahoo group by going to  This discussion group has over 90 members from across the state. It is managed by Aimee Schmidt, and the focus is sharing information and action plans!

Join the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill region listserve at: