CODEPINK CA, AZ and ND Crash Secret Billionaires Meeting!

January 31st, 2011

CODEPINK Action Spotlight

Quarantining the Kochs: LA Action

Mainstream Media

“Protesters decry conservative desert retreat”Jan 30, 2011

NY Times
“Protesters Take On Conservative Retreat” Jan 30th 2011

Associated Press (LA Times, San Fran Chronicle)
“25 arrested in California as hundreds protest at gathering of conservative strategists”Jan 30th 2011

Washington Post
“25 (sic) arrested at California conservative meeting” Jan 30th 2011

Local Media
“Protest Nets 25 ;Passive Arrests" Jan. 30, 2011

KPSP- CBS Local Channel 2
“Nearly One Thousand People Protest Republican Meeting in Rancho Mirage” Jan. 30, 2011

The Desert Sun
“Protest nets 25 'passive arrests Jan. 30, 2011

Progressive Mainstream Media

Huffington Post
“Koch Brothers Protest: 25 Arrested At California Conservative Meeting” Jan. 30, 2011

Independent Media / Blogs:

FireDog Lake:
“Thousands Converge on Koch Brothers Billionaire's Caucus; 25 Arrested” Jan. 30, 2011

LA Indymedia
“27 Arrests at Secret Billionaires Meeting”Jan. 30, 2011

“27 Arrests at Protest of Billionaire Koch Brothers Secret Meeting" Jan. 30, 2011

Photo of David Koch and wife Cathy watching protest on Sunday in Rancho Mirage:
We Got Their Attention”, by Nikki Willough, February 1st, 2011