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  • He voted for the war and continues to support the occupation of Iraq and refuses to consider a timeline for withdrawal of U.S. Troops.

  • He not only says, "I don't have a problem" with U.S. military forces being in Iraq for "100 years", he promises that "there will be more wars."

  • He uses rhetoric about Iran and nuclear weapons to create fear in the American people, and calls encouraging the use of diplomacy "treason".

  • He consistently leads the drumbeat for war with Iran, even using the possibility of bombing Iran as comic relief on the campaign trail singing "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" while speaking to a Veterans group.

  • He voted for the Military Commissions Act, effectively suspending Habeas Corpus and opening the door for the use of torture on military prisoners and the employment of extraordinary rendition.

  • He refuses to support increased educational benefits for the veterans of the very war he helped sell to the American people and continues to buy with our tax dollars.

  • He supports and would continue the use of warrantless wiretapping on the American population and is an advocate for unconditional immunity for telecom companies participating in domestic spying.