"I won't pay my taxes if you won't pay yours."

— Nina Rothschild Utne, activist, writer

"There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part, you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"

—Mario Savio

"We should stop the war, whatever it takes. If withholding our income taxes is a way to do it, I am all for that."

— Lee Newman, writer, Retired Captain. U.S. Air Corp, World War II Veteran

"We face a crisis. Our democratic institutions are being dismantled. We are headed for a state of perpetual war. We are paralyzed by fear. Will be stripped, if we don not resist, of our few remaining rights."

— Chris Hedges, author

"It's absurd. We (I) helped to bring in the Dems, as they told us they would end the war. What can we do now, but knock it up a notch. I'm with CODEPINK on this one."

— Jill Sobule, singer/song writer

"I have been a war tax resister for 24 years. For the last several years, I have not owed any tax money. When I realized that this year, I would be paying for the war in Iraq, I withheld the approximate eight percent of my tax dollars that would fund the Iraqi war and sent those funds to Code Pink, which has worked tirelessly to stop this extremely immoral war. I know that it is only a small step on my part, but it is one step that I felt I must take. It would be great if all of us who oppose this war would take that step; the impact would be enormous. Perhaps someday people will understand that there is no reason to fear the IRS, we have the power, and they do not. And without our money, our government would have a hard time fighting wars."

— Wendy Emrich, philanthropist and mother

"We're either part of the problem or part of the solution. The Administration has done an excellent job of convincing the general public that there is nothing we can do to bring an end to the war. This strategy has been very effective. In doing nothing, however, we become part of the problem. The reality is that there are things that we can do. One of the actions we can take is to redirect our tax dollars. It's our tax dollars that allow the war to continue. Without the money, there is no war. My wife and I have redirected a portion of our taxes for the past two years. We have joined the increasing number of war tax resisters. Obviously, what we've done thus far hasn't ended the war. We can do it, but that will require a massive effort on the part of concerned citizens. We need hundreds of thousands of tax payers to join us. That goal will be achieved one tax payer at a time. If we want to bring an end to the war, we have act. We invite all tax payers to become part of the solution by joining the war tax resistance movement."

— Jim Allen, Sociology professor, St. Louis University

"As we ring in another New Year, Congress and the American people would rather send our diminished tax dollars to Iraq than make the hard decisions we must make as human beings who are collectively still waging a brutal war in Iraq. All that is asked of us is that we pay taxes to fund whatever our government can come up with next. All that is asked of you now when it comes to this war - is that you do not!

Our soldiers do not want our tax dollars or theirs spent on keeping them in Iraq. They want to come home and have health care and support to heal from a war that will affect them and their families for the next three generations. There will be no tax dollars for them here, as long as we keep sending more over there."

— Patricia Foulkrod, documentary filmmaker

"The Iraq War is an insult to our intelligence.  A cowboy solution; when butter would have been better than guns."

— Frank Gehry, architect

"We must stop supporting policies that uses our tax dollars to bring violence around the world. Not one cent more."

— Maricela Guzman, Iraq Veteran War U.S. Navy, 1998-2002

"Brava to Code Pink for organizing a tax protest -- as All-American as the Boston Tea Party! From my experience with the Writers' and Editors' War Tax Protest we organized during Vietnam, we started out convinced that we would get in Big Trouble, but discovered that, as long as we informed the IRS in writing of what we were not paying and why, we forced a long collection process and created an additional way of voting.  I also applaud Code Pink for giving everyone a choice: deduct the 7% of our tax dollars that go to the Iraq war, or the 31% that go to the current defense/offense budget, or the 51% estimated to have been spent on cumulative wars. That's a lot more choice than the Bush Administration has ever given us."

— Gloria Steinem,American feminist icon, journalist and women's rights advocate

"I believe that it is our joint actions that WILL stem the tide of destruction and lead to a more just and ecologically sound society. We want such a community and society in our lifetime. We want this world for the future generations of all peoples and all creatures on this so very special planet. I gladly sign this pledge as time has run out for far too many and is running out for our very species. Such a time demands courage and strong action. Please join this action and help walk the path of living lightly on the planet and in tolerance with if not love for each other."

—Randy Hayes, activist, Founder of the Rainforest Action Network