Recent Actions

Mar 19

March to End Endless War

Rally & March on the 12th Anniversary of the U.S. Invasion of Iraq
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Mar 19

Worst Senator Award goes to...

Sign this open letter to Tom Cotton to teach him what the American people really want: Peace!
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Mar 16

Thursday: Spring Cleaning of Congress!

CODEPINK's Spring Cleaning is part of a series of events hosted by Spring Rising 2015 from March 18-21 with lots...
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Mar 12

Rum and Cigars

Join us on a delegation to Cuba this May! Can't make it? Consider donating to our scholarship fund.
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Mar 11

Can You Stop Endless War?

Call the Senate Foreign Relations Committee now: 202-224-3121. Say NO to a new war!
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Mar 10

Kill the Bills!

Contact your Senators and tell them to vote NO on the dangerous Kirk-Menendez and Corker bills!
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Feb 28

Join CODEPINK for May Day in Cuba: April 26 — May 3, 2015!

There’s nowhere on Earth better to be on May 1st than Cuba! Don’t miss the opportunity.
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Feb 26

Tell Speaker Boehner to stop sabotaging diplomacy with Iran!

Sign this letter to Speaker Boehner to let him know how disgusted you are at his efforts to sabotage diplomacy...
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Feb 20

Wedded to War?!

Urge your representatives to join Congresswoman Lee in opposing endless war. Call 202-224-3121 (a 24-hour # reaching the entire Congress)....
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Feb 05

Cuba Here We Come!

Tell Congress: Lift the travel restrictions, take Cuba off the terrorist list, and return Gitmo!
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