Tell Congress No $54 Billion for War!

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We urge you to oppose President Trumps proposal to boost Pentagon spending by $54 billion in the next fiscal year. President Trump’s proposed massive increase in military spending would come at the expense of foreign aid, the Environmental Protection Agency, the US State Department, and more. We need schools, health care, green jobs, and diplomacy, not more tanks, warships, and nuclear weapons!


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    Trump says he “likes nuclear weapons,” and “if we have them, why can’t we use them?” That is frightening. We don’t need anymore nuclear weapons, besides, we have the levels set by treaty. We can’t just start building more nuclear weapons without violating those treaties. Besides, I thought he liked Putin and the Russians? Military spending is not going to make us safer when we have more important human needs to attend to like education, healthcare and infrastructure. We don’t need to increase our military spending. It is wasteful and unnecessary, especially on nuclear weapons and fighter planes like the F-35 which doesn’t work. It is madness to give tax cuts to the rich and their corporations, spend 10% more on the military industrial complex and call for infrastructure improvements. It is “voo-doo economics” (George H.W. Bush). It is fiscally irresponsible and morally bankrupt.

    Sincerely yours,

    Mr. Paul Roden
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    Beverly Conner
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    The Soviet Union collapsed due to over expansion of their military. I fear the same will happen to the US.
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    There is no reason to have the defense budget increased. Trumpty dump is just rallying to the greed of military industrial complex. All the lobbyists, military fat cats and politicians who will benefit from the increased budget is the focus of this increase. We need to STOP WARS and use the money for education of our children. We need to ensure that our mothers- to- be have good prenatal care for the future population of America’s health and well being. Any politician who is not for The AMERICAN people should be expunged withput pay or pension or medical insurance.
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    Our warring has got to stop!!!
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    We do not need a military buildup. We need skilled negotiators with adversaries and social justice at home. We need to be promotora of sustainable development, not weapons merchants. This Trump plan is shear madness, the product of ignorance, nativism, and a lack of basic human kindness.
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    Trumpcare should have as its slogan “MAKE UNDERTAKERS GREAT AGAIN
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    NO to more military spending! YES to diplomacy, housing, education, healthcare, roads and bridges, Amtrack, national parks, clean water, peace studies, indigenous rights.

    WAKE UP Congress!
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    Trump is cutting funding for the UN, EPA, education & housing to feed the Pentagon. Tell Congress: #No$54bforWar!
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    Auh auh auh , still wanting war over peace?Shame on you to sink so low. I bet YOU ARE NOT GOING OUT TO FIGHT! RIGHT? It is s elly, horrid, painful, desasterous, leaves scars forever, if the soldiers survive, and if they are wounded, are you willing to help them???
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    Is THIS what you call “prolife”, righties? Seriously?
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    At the Univ. of Maryland in Govt. and Politics THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX…almost 50 years ago…we learned: IT’S EITHER GUNS OR BUTTER! GUNS OR FREE COLLEGEGUNS OR HEALTHCARE.


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